"I see the moon in the day and the sun glow at night/ hearing tunes in it’s rays, using my soul for sight/ See, you’re a vision of perfection/ your beautiful frame as uniquely abstract as that unusual name/ Let’s ride on a comet, transcend and discover skies/ unbeknown to most whilst conversing like lovers might/ hop from cloud to cloud or maybe do that another night/ and leap off the edge of the earth and land on the other side…"

The 2nd single “Forever And a Day” (feat. Milen) (prod. by The Missing Note) from our upcoming mixtape “Broken Clocks” is out now!!! Check it out and please support. Much appreciated people.


"Lacoste polo model, fly road apostle, drunk off a stolen bottle/ dancing with the devil outside an open brothel/ unlike those treacherous pagans there ain’t no fear in us/ I’m here to body the sheriff, heal and start the exodus"

Our new single “As Requested” is out now. Check it out!!!