broken hearted

You were a part on my life and then you left and thought that it was all over
But I’m telling you, that you left smudges of yourself imprinted on my soul forever
I can still see the marks you left on me, where you ripped my heart out of my chest, it’s scared over by now, but when I think about you, it still burns from the memory of your voice
When another boy kissed me all I could think of was how different he tasted from you, and that it felt so wrong, and that his hands weren’t yours and they didn’t belong on my face cupping my neck.
—  Smudged Memories:Carol Shlyakhova(strong-but-breakable)
I fell in love with a boy who was even more broken than I was. His fake smile and pain filled eyes had me hypnotized. He couldn’t open up to anymore since countless people had hurt him in the past so, really I barely even knew him. I was addicted to the way he made me feel and so I spent all my time and energy trying to fix him. It killed me to see him in pain, he was my whole world yet he was barely even existing. A long nine months later he was doing so much better, he was finally happy. And then he left me. I fixed him and so he didn’t need me around anymore. After that I was so much more broken than he ever was.
—  4am