Was craving peanut ruffs and he went and got me some. He is one of the few who can handle my craziness and moods and tends to freak out whenever I cry of what not. There is no use arguing against him because he will be irrational as fuck and you’ll just end up giving up unless you’re super stubborn then yeah you’re a good match. Thank you Sidhant Nambiar for your lovely letter, it was indeed quite challenging to read it. Maybe emailing and texting should be our way of communication. Haha also thank you and your dad too for the sulus. And the bongos and peanut ruffs made my day!!! Love you so much! #brofromanothermother #adorkable #fijinese #friendsforlife #kaiviti #chinesefijian #lalawednesday #sulus #junkfoodjunkie @photogridorg