So let me tell you or I guess warn you, I will fall passionately in love with you. You will be the light my life needs, the oxygen in my blood stream. I will soak you in until you are all that I am. And then I will leave, and I will destroy every cell in your body until you ache for some soothing comfort of a lost soul just like yourself. And then you will do to someone what I did to you. Do you want to know why? Because I was once you. And now I am me. And you will become me. And someone else will be you, and then you will turn them into me. It’s a vicious endless cycle that few can out run.
—  Brody Williamson

I lay in my bed
Filling my time with such
Peculiar things
Drowning myself in thoughts
I blink
An hour went by
Why am I still awake
They naw at every corner
Revealing a naked flesh wound
I blink again
Two and a half hours
I crave it and despise it
Lapsing the time of life
Halting it,
If only just for the night

Brody Williamson