Sometimes I forget Josh likes btr

and I’m reminded when he posts about them every once in a while

and then I’m reminded why we’re good friends

and how I need a guy friend in Chico


questionmarcus asked:

That wasn't real anon hate. That was me quoting asian keyboard boy in school of rock. Damn. That was supposed to be obvious because you're not fat at all.

Marcus you asshole, here I was hoping someone had actually sent me anon hate xP I haven’t watched that in so long, so I don’t actually remember many quotes from it, the main one, is “You’re tacky and I hate you.” xD

Thoughts of the day:
  • I’m pretty sure Kelsey and Cody are an item. They just don’t know they are yet.
  • Cody and I (and other people probably) should make a band. ‘Cause he can play piano and I can sing and other people can do other things and it’d be awesome.
  • I miss making arrangements… but my laptop can’t handle the program I use…
  • I need a job.
  • I’m getting lonelier by the day.
  • This post went from happy to sad very quickly…

azombiehidesmyface-deactivated2 asked:

Me, Cody and Kelsey. GO.

Oh god. Not fair. Cause I hate them right now. Ummmm, shit… this is hard… I’ll go with fuck you, marry Kelsey and get drunk with Cody.

There are times where all Cody and I do is insult each other. Then there are the othertimes where we just say the nicest things. Here’s to you bro, happy birthday. Enjoy the nothing that 20 does for you.