Sam & 9x14 - The Storm Off

A lot of people are calling Sam immature for storming off to his room once the Trans take their leave. Dean turns to Sam to say something, except Sam’s already gone, so Dean’s left standing there, confused and upset.


And yeah, I definitely feel for Dean. He just wants things back to normal between the two of them. He doesn’t want to hide in his room, blasting music and pretending his brother’s not down the hallway ignoring him. It’s hurting him, obviously.


Let’s not forget that Sam is a victim in all of this. Yes, there have been plenty of times when Dean’s been a victim, too; that prioritising Sam has wound up hurting Dean many times before. But that’s the point - if they can resolve this properly this time, then Sam won’t be stripped of his agency, be actually allowed to make his own choices, and Dean won’t have to sacrifice his own happiness for Sam’s benefit.

The big issue here is that Dean makes decisions for his brother - decisions that ultimately hurt Sam, hurt Dean, but at least Sam’s alive, right? Nevermind that Sam was willing to die for a good cause. At least Sam won’t be dead, and Dean won’t be alone with his guilt.

This cycle needs to end, but only Sam seems willing to acknowledge that it’s even an issue right now.

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Hey remember that time in season 5 when Dean became so broken that he was going to say yes to Michael? That was painful. But you know why the recent episodes of season 9 have been more painful? Maybe it’s because both of the brothers are slowly falling apart and losing their codependency. They are slowly slipping into a state where they won’t be able to rely on each other any more and it hurts

Destiel post-Sharp Teeth

So here goes: a more in depth look at Sharp Teeth from a Destiel perspective. Though there’s more than just that, because while it wasn’t exactly the most action packed story from a purely main plot perspective, it certainly managed to fit a lot of other stuff.

This was actually really positive for future canon Destiel, I think. They’re really laying the groundwork for an actual healthy relationship for Dean (something he is clearly craving), and at this stage Cas is still the only one who fits the position thanks to all the romantic tropes that they keep flinging in their direction. So lets see, so far we have (just this season):

1. Bad Boys showing that Dean wants a stable relationship but can’t because of his codependency with Sam.

2. Rock & a Hard Place shows us that he is really starting to see his old pattern of one night stands as almost more of a punishment. While the sex is fun, he doesn’t like the aftermath. As he said, there’s always the adios.

3. Sam has recognised the codependency issue, and is trying to break it, though he also recognises that he can’t help Dean with it, he has to realise it himself.

4. Dean is falling further and further, though I’m not 100% convinced he has hit rock bottom yet. He still doesn’t seem to really understand where Sam is coming from, and that is probably going to take a little while longer yet.

5. Road Trip - Dean came clean with Cas, told him everything, and Cas forgave him. This should go a long way to showing Dean that he can trust the others to help and support him, that he doesn’t have to do everything himself. Garth also showed this - he let Bess help him, and now he is happy.

6. DEAN INITIATED A HUG WITH GARTH. And this coming directly after an episode in which Cas learns that HUGGING IS IMPORTANT. If those two don’t hug fairly soon I’m gonna be surprised.

So yeah, that’s just off the top of my head from just this season. Dean learning that feelings are important and NOT abnormal and just for other people. Dean learning that stability is for him, that the life he has been leading isn’t making him happy at all. This doesn’t necessarily mean quitting hunting, but does mean that he is realising that he needs to let other people into his life, to start trusting them the way they trust him. Dean hearing from people that holding on to revenge is not the way to go, that the only way to be happy is to look forward. Dean hearing that it doesn’t matter where happiness comes from, even if it’s from monsters, only that you are happy.

This is also now the third episode in a row where we have seen someone changing who they are because of love, and the second romantic pairing that Dean has seen. We’ve had Abner deciding he was happy with his family, we’ve seen Cain, the biggest baddest demon that ever there was give all that up for his love Colette, and we’ve seen Garth settle down away from hunting because of his love for Bess. While Abner could be debated about the type of love he had for his family (and I have no doubt that he did feel some romantic love for his wife), the other two were clearly, unambiguously romantic. They also, each and every one, involved at least one supernatural being - angel, demon, monster. And while Garth technically was a monster at the time, I’m pretty sure the boys couldn’t help but still see him as a human. I mean, he’s Garth. And aside from the change in species, he was still exactly the same person he always was. The one to talk some sense into them. I really hope Dean is able to take it all on board. And I think he has, he seemed to be genuinely happy for Garth, underneath all that depression and self-loathing.

We also got a tiny wee moment of Dean behaving in a particularly jealous manner with Sam about Cas. He clearly wasn’t happy about missing out, and responded with his sexual barbs that he tends to dish out when he’s upset but doesn’t want anyone to know about it. I don’t think he’s ready to actually admit that he wants and needs to have Cas with him, but it is definitely there. You could see it in Road Trip, the way he looked to Cas before he left. I’m sure he was hoping that Cas would go with him, but Cas realised that as much as Dean does need him, and as much as Cas wants to have Dean with him, that Sam was the more immediate priority, and that Dean needed to work this all out for himself.

Also, going back to the whole “doesn’t matter where happiness come from”, you have to take into account the affect Cas has on Dean. Even when things are at their absolute worst, when Dean is about to completely fall apart, Cas always manages to make Dean smile, even if it is just by being there. Cas makes Dean happy, and the fact that he is (currently) a supernatural being doesn’t matter. The fact that he is in a male vessel doesn’t matter. If he makes Dean happy, then that is what he has to go for.

As for the codependency - Sam is well and truly in the throws of breaking that now. He won’t be able to complete that break and rebuild the relationship until Dean is ready to accept that and move along with him. Dean seems to be making the small steps to getting there, but he still doesn’t get it. Sam has given him stuff to think about, but it’s gonna be a little bit longer yet til he is actually there and able to work on the rebuild. And it’s only once that is done that he’ll be able to move in any sort of direction with anyone else.

Bad Boys summed that up for us. He is actually unable to function as a normal, healthy human being while he still feels that Sam is his responsibility. He can’t form relationships, no matter how much he wants to. At some point he is going to have to realise that Sam is an adult who is more than capable of making his own decisions, and he is going to have to let him go. He is going to have to choose himself over Sam, and I feel that means eventually he is going to have to choose Cas over Sam. Choose what makes him happy. That is going to be the key to them all being able to move on, become whole. If Dean doesn’t do that, if he doesn’t choose himself or Cas, then it’s going to probably kill all three of them.

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