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I need one of these so badly!

So, guys. From today on, for 3 months, I think I'll be less active, a lot more busy, and I will have to unfollow people.

I’m going back to my boarding school tomorrow, and essentially, I’ll be a lot more busy with a lot of stuff, really, and which I think I mentioned some here (which I’m also essentially repeating what I said back there but anyway).

The internet there is absolute shit, it takes so much time to load everything, it hinders and slows me down to check tumblr a lot, so it would still take even more than now check it, even if I was following a lot less blogs than now.

And the worst part is that, no matter what, I’ll always have to go offline at 10/11 PM. ‘BedRoom time’.

And there is no internet in the rooms.

So. Yeah.

…But for a while, at least, I still might be a bit active. I mean, I will always be, dur, but more than I said I won’t be. You know why?


Alright. Time to start and finish packing within….4 hours. With not sleeping. Fuck. I am so screwed.

/irresponsible fuck

but i had important personal stuff to take care of and i’ll have to do all of this now fuck fuck fuck uck


/sighs and tiredlyprepareseverything

Okay, so. Arrived well. Already exhausted.

Re-meeting so many people and saying to them the same “Hey, how have you been? Had a good holiday? Good!” gets pretty tiring after a while.

Not to mention I had no sleep, but that’s my fault. And starting today, especially with my “brockwoodian” routine and daily life, I’ll need a good, regular sleeping schedule. Starting today. /o/

So, yeah. Like I’ve said many times before, and will say it again so everyone knows - I’ll won’t be /so/ active after a while (still clearly active and present and everything, but not so much, I guess? IDK. i think i’ll be busy, but i hope i have time for all of the things i do online and all), unfollow people, I’ll have to go off much sooner, etc, etc, etc. You’ve heard it all before.

But right now, I guess I’m a bit excited for this term. I got a lot of stuff to do, indeed. Somehow I always feel like repeating myself and say what I have to do, but I won’t bother you guys with the details at the moment. c:

I mean, I guess having a fuller day, stuff to do, proper sleep, and people to be with is what you would call…life…? I admit I am just getting a bit tired of the boring, repetitive, vicious-cicly daily routine I have when I’m on holidays. So I’m excited to actually do stuff here. 



I better go get some rest now.




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On the relationship between thought and consciousness

Brockwood Park 1980 - Question #1 from Question and Answer Meeting #2 ‘What is the relationship between thought and consciousness? Why do we seem unable to go beyond thought?’ These videos are brought to you by the Krishnamurti Foundation of America and by the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, UK. We maintain extensive archives of Krishnamurti’s original works and are actively engaged in the publication of material in various forms. For more information about J. Krishnamurti and the Krishnamurti foundations: International Site - Facebook - Twitter - Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, UK - Krishnamurti Foundation of America - Krishnamurti Foundation of India - Fundación Krishnamurti Latinoamericana - © 1980 Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd

ok goodnight

personal update ramble after the break read only if you care or are friends i often chat with or something like that

if not, GOODNIGHT! \o\ <3

tomorrow is going to be busy…!

a lot of appointments, not to mention having to pack up everything to go back to brockwood on friday, and i’m seriously concerned about the weight, since i bought a lot clothes while i was here, and the airline i’m going with has a smaller weight limit than the one i came with. shit, how will this work out..? ;A;

but ah well. we’ll see.

it’s kinda good i’m going back, honestly. going to have to break the horrible sleeping pattern, and not doing anything all day. having a daily structure and schedule and going back to actually doing productive things. i just don’t know if i’ll be able to exercise, since, you know


i mean shit, one of our colleagues said it’s too cold to make snow. everything is ice.

oh man, i am going to need this new warm clothes so much.

i hate winter. ;__;

but anyway, yeah. also there’s going to be that horrid bed/room time which i mention too many times. after 10PM, on most days, i can’t be online, since i have to go back to my room, and there’s no internet there. i apologize to my friends which i chat with which are in farther timezones. it’ll be a lot more difficult to do so, both with that, and that i’m pretty sure i’ll be a lot busier with a lot of stuff. (things i mentioned months ago, probably around august/september about being excited going back to brockwood and what i was going to do and THERE WERE SO MANY THINS AGH)


it’s that i have a lot of things to improve on myself, and brockwood is a good place to do that. and i’ll have to balance actual life with computer/online stuff. i just hope i can do that. there’s just not enough time and energy to do and indulge in everything. there has to be a balance.

but yeah. that’s happening.

also idk if i’m doing this too much but i don’t care. thank you, silky, for being amazing and such a fun, sweet person and often cheering me up even when you didn’t know you were doing that. thank you. ;-; <3 (ijustreallyhopewecanstillchatfromtimetotimeafterthis. okaythisseemobsessivenowbutreallythankyoualotyou’rewonderfulokay<3)

and thanks to my followers for putting up with me. i’ve been a pretty bipolar, complicated and anxious mess lately, i know. but thanks. <3

so yeah

i better go sleep now, tomorrow will be busy and exhausting and kinda stressful, i can already feel it. TuT”

goodnight, everyone

sleep well when you do, and sweet dreams.