“A Clean Over”

“Pole vaulting”, in an archaic form, has been around since Ancient Greece at the very least, when people used sticks to vault over or on to animals. In 1775, poles were implemented into gymnastic competitions in Germany for a vertical jump event. Finally, in 1850, the first “running pole leaping” competitions were held, and since then, the sport has grown to become a staple of high school, collegiate, and international-level competitions.

-Pole Vault, IAAF

I feel like this dude’s gonna hit the ground with his face. :c


i fell in love with the most gorgeous guy in the world.

i saw him in the library today and i recognized him from far away.

i think he was in my eng comp 2 honors class.

im pretty sure (if i can recall correctly) that his name is john.

he has the most amazing blue eyes that i have ever seen.

theyre breath-taking.

he is just my type.

hes like the perfect guy.

i looked at him on my way out and i know he saw me.

but i totally look like shit today.

i hope i see him at the library again because i want to talk to him.

but a guy THAT hot definately has girls falling all over him.

and most likely wouldnt want to talk to me.

but really he is the most gorgeous guy..

marry me please? <3