Brotime at the Apollo with Eddie and Peter

*has set his phone alarm to let him know when Eddie should be showing up to the place.  The alarm goes off.  He beams at his phone on the desk before silencing the alarm.

Writes up a note:

"Out to catch up with an old friend! Ready to run back if I have to.  Call if you need me! I have both my cell and my card on me :o)


Heads downstairs and searches the lobby, anticipating being there juuuust a few moments before Eddie gets in so that he can greet him.*


*is on the Empire State University campus, just taking a look around.  He’s really pleased/excited/jittery/overwhelmed/terrified for the future with what he sees, and he ends up wandering into the science department, and more importantly, one of the laboratories.

It’s familiar territory and science is comforting and holy crap this place is huge and fortified and awesome

He begins looking over every detail in awe, becoming completely lost in all of the ~shiny doodads~ around him.*

Top of the Tenth

*after getting rid of the symbiote (and taking a very very quick trip home to retrieve and get into his old suit (via the window scenic route of course)), Peter travels to Empire State University.*

I just gotta figure out how to get into Doc Martha’s lab to return this thing…

Can’t use the front door, that wouldn’t work.  …Oh hey they have a sun roof!

*and so he slips in there.  It’s easy to find the containment chamber for the symbiote.  It’s right at the center of the room.  If Peter hadn’t known it before, he’d know it now: this thing…this terrible alien is important.

Well, now it’s time to do what’s right.

He sets out his note in advance.*

Finally got your missing symbiote back to you! Sorry it took so long.  Also sorry I had to freeze it and kill it.  It’s a lot of trouble - that’s the reason it took so long to get it back to you - and really shouldn’t be handled by anything living.  It’s very dangerous.  I hope you’re able to study it post-mortem.  Sorry again :o(

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man