So here’s Glinda and Elphaba from the current Broadway run of Wicked holding my elves of them. This is, no overstatement, one of the greatest moments of my life.

I have loved this musical and cried/sang/screamed along to the soundtrack for about a decade. I saw it this year for the first time and openly wept more than once, I’m not ashamed to say it! Happy is what happens when your dreams come true!

Some wonderful person who works on set and follows my tumblr (who I won’t link to ‘cause I don’t wanna embarrass them) printed out copies of these elves and gave them to the current stars (Caroline Bowman & Kara Lindsay) on their first day taking over the roles and took photos and sent them to me, even taking photos of the elves on their makeup tables because I guess they put them there (oh my god) because sometimes people are amazing and fantastic and great and good and have love in their hearts and I simply couldn’t be happier.

Thank you.

Let it go, let it go!
Can’t hold it back anymore.
Let it go, let it go!
Turn away and slam the door.
I don’t care what they’re going to say.
Let the storm rage on.
The cold never bothered me anyway.

'Let It Go' sequence, performed by Idina Menzel, for Disney's Frozen

How does Frozen’s anthem, ‘Let It Go’, differ from other Disney Princess songs?