In a sweeping opinion on Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled in a 6-3 decision that the fledgling TV service Aereo violated copyright laws, in a big victory for television networks. The Justices said the cloud computing business is unaffected by the decision.

The ruling effectively ends Aereo as a viable business model, even though the Court had remanded the case back to a lower court.

“Aereo performs petitioners’ works publicly within the meaning of the Transmit Clause,” said Justice Stephen Breyer, writing for the majority.

“We must decide whether respondent Aereo, Inc., infringes this exclusive right by selling its subscribers a technologically complex service that allows them to watch television programs over the Internet at about the same time as the programs are broadcast over the air. We conclude that it does,” Breyer said.

“The proper course is not to bend and twist the Act’s terms in an effort to produce a just outcome, but to apply the law as it stands and leave to Congress the task of deciding whether the Copyright Act needs an upgrade,” said Justice Antonin Scalia in his dissent.

Ranking NHL Broadcasters, From Jack Edwards To Daryl Reaugh And Everybody In Between


John Kelly, Darren Pang, Bernie Federko - St. Louis Blues: Kelly and Pang are very good, though Pang tends to allow his Blues bias to creep into his analysis, especially on penalty calls and questionable plays. There’s no doubt Pang knows the game, but sometimes gets pulled into being a fan when he’s detailing a replay.

Kelly calls the game with a very fast cadence which is outstanding for close and exciting games, but is tough to listen to during yawners. Federko’s contributions to the team are exactly the same as Denis Potvin above. Federko knows hockey and is more concerned with the viewer knowing how much he knows.”

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Which word does not fit with the others? Evansville — Simpsonville — Clarksville — Louisville — Shepherdsville.

Answer: Loo-uh-vul. It’s the only one with a hillbilly pronunciation. Oddly enough, the local accent is overcome when naming certain major arteries like Taylorsville Road and Shelbyville Road. Enough verbal effort is summoned to speak of those ‘villes.’

The city’s nickname is The Ville. If one says ‘Loo-uh-vul,’ then why isn’t the nickname pronounced ‘The Vull?’


—- Terry Meiners, a Louisvillian  (Loo-e-vill-yun), and broadcaster who can’t understand why other broadcasters selectively patronize locals by using the ‘Loo-uh-vul’ version.  Broadcasters in other cities don’t patronize their viewers/listeners by saying ‘Nawlins,’ ‘Nu Yawk,’ ‘Bawstin,’ or ‘Naw-fuk,’ instead of succumbing to local pronunciations. Professional standards demand that they apply accurate elocution skills. Or are they ‘skulls?’

Shrillbilly logic.