Bruce Jenner on identity: 'I'm me. I'm a person and this is who I am. I'm not stuck in anybody's body. It's just who I am... For all intents and purposes, I am a woman' - ABC Broadcast

Bruce Jenner on identity: ‘I’m me. I’m a person and this is who I am. I’m not stuck in anybody’s body. It’s just who I am… For all intents and purposes, I am a woman’ - ABC Broadcast



So the Master they invited in episode 41 was expert at reading faces, so Hyseungie asked tentatively, ’so is there truth when people say nose size correlates to down-there size?’ LOL OH HYESUNG
and then Eric pointed out in his quiet cute voice while grinning, ‘해성이 코 작아~ Hyseungie has a small nose’, and everyone started laughing LOL - even the Master was kneeling down hahaha!

Then the Master also pointed out that Hyesung has aegyo-sal (his eyes), and hyesung did the cutest, effortless “ang!” DARN AEGYO

Hey guys! I’m one of the new admins over here. My name is Dustin, and I have an obsession with youtubers and sci-fi! I’ll probably have lots of good output about that kind of thing. I’ve been writing for about 7ish years now, and will continue on. I’m pretty excited to get started! 

My main blog is here! And my posts will be tagged as admin dustin.

Catch you on the flip side!

-admin dustin


This is a good video, but the joint seals on those suits have some serious design flaws. (H/t to davidwynne)

Interview ko kanina at shet lang umaga pa lang ang epic na funyatera. Naiwan ko yung pera, so bumalik ako. Tas pagtingin ko sa bag ko, wala yung wallet ko eh nandun yung isa ko pang pera, akala mo mayaman hayop pinaghiwalay ko lang yung dalawang bente keme hahahahaha so yun nga dalawang beses ako bumalik at dalawang beses akong bumaba sa trycicle at dalawang beses ako tumakbo pauwi kinginamez so imbyerna na talaga ko hahahahaha pagdating dun sa pila, konti palang din naman pala thank goodness hahahaha so ayun pila to the max tapos marami na rin akong nakita papables tapos nadidismaya lang ako kasi kung di paminta, may jowa (walang forever!!) so yun hahahaha qt qt lang nung taga-abe na nagorient samin, hyper hahahaha so yun interview tapos nakita ko si medyooalien na dun din pala magaaral ng educ hihi love you icah tapos ayun kainis lang wala akong mafriendship sa katabi ko kasi mukhang ang susungit nila bat ganon ang sad, chinichika ko naman kaso seenzoned ako ng literal huhu hampasin ko sila ng libro sa mukha para literal na facebook eh weh so yun so happy lang tapos tinanong ako ano daw hobbies ko ganito ganern akala ko nga may who is your crush o define love o dedication mga ganon ay slambook pala hahahaha in the end, worth it pa rin lahat kasi nakapagenroll na ko ng broad comm, thank you G! love you hihi

Hi everyone! I’m Nyah and I’m one of the new auideas admins! I’m a huge fangirl with a variety of fandom and ship obsessions. I’m also crazy about dystopian society/apocalyptic things, so those will be the AUs I’ll be good at giving ideas for (hopefully)! I’ve been writing for about 5 years and I’m still going at it. Really happy and excited about joining this group!

My only blog is dothewriteything, so if you need to contact me personally or whatever, I’m there!

I’ll be tagging my posts as admin nyah.

Remember, normality is what’s really weird!
-admin nyah


Shopping shopping shopping at Long & McQuade in Burlington, Ontario, Canada:

  1. Les Paul signature in Caribbean Blue
  2. Derek Trucks signature SG
  3. I’m not usual a fan of satin finishes (when I pay that much for a Gibson, I want bling! ;) but I REALLY like this ES-339!
  4. Satin ebony ES-339
  5. Not sure what Fender calls this colour, but I call it “nice”. 
  6. SG Deluxe
  7. Unknown model Gretsch.  My cousin played it and really liked it.  Too bad there was no price tag on it.  Maybe it was free?  Hmmm…I might go back today and test that theory by absconding with it…  ;)
  8. Fender Custom Shop “Nocaster”
  9. I love the recessed knobs on this used PRS.  

Last  of the Thursday Guitar Shopping pics from this week:

  1. Custom Shop VOS SG.  One day…
  2. Major flashback to my youth!
  3. wow….
  4. Ah yeah…beautiful girls - I love ‘em, I need 'em, Can’t live withourt 'em no!
  5. Golden Starla
  6. Beautiful.
  7. Indonesian-made Telecaster…4 pounds…probably the lightest electric guitar I have ever picked up!  Set neck too.
  8. Same Custom Shop SG as in photo 1.
  9. Gretsch threatened to sue Fender over The name of Fender’s new solid body guitar, the Broadcaster.  Gretsch had a drum kit called “Broadkaster”…so Fender had to change the name of their new guitar…to “Telecaster”.  60-something years later and Fender owns Gretsch.