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london spy sounds like an ambutious fanfic made into a tv show :D when do you think we can expect a trailer/teaser if at all?

I think it depends on when it starts airing, but we won’t see a lot of ads or trailers for it until maybe a month out, probably.  Ben’s a big name and there are other big names attached, but I remember the earliest trailers for In the Flesh hitting BBC America only about three weeks before the show started airing, and Broachurch got about the same.  Here in the States, at least, it’ll be fairly short notice.  It may be a longer lead up in the UK?

If you have not seen Broadchurch do not read this. There might be potential spoilers for future episodes of Gracepoint.

What did I think of the premiere of Gracepoint? There were no surprises,but that’s because I really couldn’t see them doing the pilot differently from the premiere of Broadchurch. The pilot is strong. It has a good hook and it sets a good tone for both series, so it would be silly for them not to mimic the pilot for Broadchurch almost scene-for-scene.

I suspect that it won’t be until maybe half-way through episode three, maybe even the start of episode four that we will see a true divergence from Broachurch, or at least that is my hope.

Now for proper Gracepoint spoilers (though admittedly, it’s a logical spoiler) for the finale, so these are going under the cut. There will also be spoilers for the finale for Broadchurch under the cut.

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