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           anyway random plotting is always
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tf man that was a nice door that wa s my favorite door

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ivlis B)

Sexuality Headcanon: Heteromantic Bisexual

Gender Headcanon: Cis Male

A ship I have with said character: I don’t really have anything but Rieta? anyone that doesn’t treat him like shit

A BROTP I have with said character: I’d think he’d really wanna be bros with Fumus but it’s one-sided like he’d want him as a sympathy buddy

A NOTP I have with said character: Satanick it really makes me uncomfortable if it’s noncon

A random headcanon: He cries daily because he keeps burning his scarves by accident

General Opinion over said character: best mogeko villain (and best music)- nicest dressed trash can 7/10

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Heeyyy, you seem so chill and sweet and you're pretty af too wow your friends must be so lucky😩😩 And im 17 and lift as well (newly) and haven't had my first kiss either like we're twins???? Im too awkward and I just started out as a fitblr so I feel like you'd never want to talk or be friends tho😁

Bro I’d totally love to be friends, message me off anon!!! Young lifters UNITE 😂

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Okay so I totally forgot if I messaged u earlier (mainly bc it was 5:30 am) but yo I've made some progress w the grimmons fic... Should there be nsfw parts or nah?

You might I’ve but I didn’t see it, idk only I’d you want my bro??

Hello, I slept too much again(well more like losing consciousness on-and-off from 7pm to 6 am until I decided to go to bed properly, then finally got up at 1:30 when someone called me). But I feel much better. LM called because he and his partner were worrying about my inactivity. I’m really happy he called. I needed it. Since bro never wants to go food shopping, LM said he’d bring me and we’d do our weekly shopping together if need be. He’s really nice. It makes me feel like a baby a bit, how I depend on others for help and stuff… And I don’t know how I can ever repay them. Buuh. ;-;

So. Yeah. Today looks nice. I have a list. I have ideas of what meals to make this week. And I’m going to get some flowers too because I NEED FLOWERS. And I’m going to finish folding all my stupid clothes. Then we’re having supper at LM’s place.

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Normal: I love you. (no romo bro)

Fighting: I’d fight you.

Ground: I want to meet you in real life.

Rock: I can relate to what you’ve gone through.

Steel: I think you’re strong.

Water: I think you’re cool.

Grass: I think you’ve grown a lot.

Psychic: We have a lot in common.

Ice: I want to be closer to you.

Dragon: I think you’re amazing.

Fairy: I think you’re cute.

this was so gay but then ‘I’d fight you.’ . i s ee how it is


A request from my bro,he wants to have a C.O.D.E X6 OC and her Zodiac Partner Unicornia, and her name is Marilia Jhonia the Princess of Kingdom Naojou,hope you like it Onii-Sama

So my old place is clean, just has a bunch of garbage bags that need to go out which I’m just going to go back to deal with tomorrow because tonight I’m going to the border. We’re leaving at midnight for a 6 hour roundtrip plus however long the border bros want to take soooo I’d like to get a nap beforehand. 

Also in other news I picked up 3 second hand John Irving (author of Owen Meany) books for $10, got a bunch of little notebooks so I can always carry a notebook with me (I’ve already designated one for terrible poetry on the go, Reginald McDouchebag III am I) and Shadow (my roommates cat) keeps coming in to say hi so that’s nice, even if my closet is still unusable and my room resembles a Tomb Raider temple trap.