White bros: “Haha dude lets pop a molly, lets smoke some weed, yea lets have fun”

Those same white bros and there dads: “Well if blacks wanna break the law and sell drugs, what happen to them is there fault” 

anonymous asked:

bro, dude, are you sure ur not an angel

[7th grade voice] angel from my nightmare

wada-kru asked:

Dude. Bro. Dude bro. Mad Max was the SHIT. It inspired me to start driving. So I can make eveRYTHING EXPLODE.

I saw it in IMAX and i honestly would see it over and over until i ran out of money. Doctors lied, the G-spot isn’t in your prostate or whatever, its in a fuckin sticky movie chair at a theater playing Fury Road.

bumbledbutt asked:

11 :-)

What are my ambitions? Honestly I’d like to be a professional cyclist that would be cool because I don’t want to make money by working tbh and I love training rly hard so win win honestly, also I want to crush every cis dude jock bro at my sports of choice queer jock supremacy tbh.

A Mom Strider and Bro Lalonde for anon!  Mad roboticist Bro and vicious rapier-artiste Mom ftw i mean yoooo

i mean I mostly wanted to draw mom lalonde in knee-high boots and bro in a vest and button-up but yoooo

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Look, imagine Dirk struggling between the addresses “bro” (familial), “Dave” (neutral) and “dude” (casual stand-offish). He decides against Bro in the first nervous moment, tries to play it cool.

Then Dirk stumbles over his words and it comes out as an unholy awkward mixture of Dave and Dude, aka 

“Hey Da- de- Dad.”