You know what, loud bro-y white dudes on Line 6?  You can make fun of Korean men all you want for their “weird” haircuts and wonder aloud how they can wear make up yet still claim to like women, but I think I speak for the majority of the women in Seoul who are attracted to men when I say that I’d choose the topped-knotted, BB cream-wearing, looking-25-when-really-45 men of Seoul over your cargo pants-wearing, premature balding, flat-assed selves any day.

Honestly, this is part of the reason why I enjoy taking the bus over the subway.  Because the bus “requires more Korean skills to maneuver” (seriously, can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this as a reason for why people avoid the bus…), so foreigners are less likely to take them and I’m less likely to go into a punchy rage.

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Hunter i tried watching gay pron for... educational purposes and these two guys kept talking about "getting the hot girl" and calling each other dude and bro literally with dicks up their asses it was the funniest thing ever

porn is so weird tbh like i’m not 100% sure why they bother with storylines if the plot and the acting is gonna be so bad

On the topic of stolen valor tho, pretty sure dude bro at the gym today did not believe/understand my current status within the military.

Tfw not active, technically reserve but not really, and not a cadet.

haha so dude no homo but i think about you a lot.. it’s not in like a gay way but i care about you and kinda wanna take this to the next level… like, totally being straight with you here, but bro.. ur lookin cute, dude

Dear Dudes, Bros, boys, boi’s, folk who engage in the  fashion phenomenon, jail house rooted, trend known as saggin,

First off those to those of you that do this in freeze your balls off  (pun intended) winter is a cold ass pretty bitch temperatures…Hats off to ya! I admire your dedication and commitment to this look.

I got a couple or questions for you…

Does your booty get cold?
I mean I can see your underwear so that means you only have one layer between you and this this winter weather.

My booty is too soft and precious, lovely and brown to let get cold.

Do your ball sack, dick  and or / nether regions get cold?
I mean, commen sense tells me that with your pants that low you are more prone to drafts and gust of wind finding the way to your pleasure center man root station.

My pleasure station GODDESS temple Entrance holy yoni pretty pussy doesn’t like to get cold (unless it’s part of kinky ice cube sensual sex play. Then my yoni and I like to get freaky cold.)  So I don’t let it (Unless it’s part of kinky ice cube sensual sex play).

Again this rant / questions is not about judgment. I admire your loyalty to the outfit and pants placing you chose while  winter is shaking it’s shimmy all over us.

I just…wanted to know some things.

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