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It’s been so long since my last post. I knew this blog would be difficult to do… being transparent with my weight loss journey, however, I didn’t anticipate what would happen shortly after I began. Throughout my life I’ve dealt with a very frustrating issue that just doesn’t seem to go away (I thought it had, but looks like it’s back). I hadn’t experienced any symptoms for a few years and my last run in was rather mild. But after i started blogging, and really getting into a groove, I had a very bad episode. What is it? It’s what’s known as ulcerative colitis.

This time it really knocked me. Basically episodes can last (for me anyways) one to four months in varying degrees of severity. I would rate this one about an 8 on the “just how much this sucks” scale. Needless to say, I abandoned my efforts and slipped back into my comfortable habits. Now you’re probably wondering why I wouldn’t keep up the good work, right? Wouldn’t it have benefitted me to stay on track? Yes and no. For me, any foods with high amounts of fiber (so basically all fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc.) really aggravate my system when I’m in the middle of an episode. So, I abandoned my plan and my blog - temporarily. Until now.

I hope to never have a collision with colitis again. But, if I do, I’ll remember that Grace is sufficient for me. And Vanilla Boost.




UTPA alums seeking classmates to join the Alumni 50+ Reunion on March 1, 2015  

UTPA alums seeking classmates to join the Alumni 50+ Reunion on March 1, 2015  

Texas Border Business

UT Pan American is searching for graduates of the class of 1965 of then-Pan American University. It won’t be long before the University’s  annual Alumni 50+ Reunion  scheduled for March 1, 2015. The reunion will recognize the Class of 1965 and earlier. Organizers and Class of ’65 alums are needing help in locating the following: Juanita Brixey, Paul Calvert, Carolyn Gaye…

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Passion is unhindered,


Holy & set apart.

It was with passion,

That he pursued her heart.

It was a pure love.

A true love.

A love that others only dream of.

It was ALIVE.

It was REAL.

They wore no mask.

They were unveiled.

Poem by Brixey }

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