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1. How did you find my tumblr? I found it on someone’s favorites page! And I clicked on it and I liked it so I followed :) And we talk every once in a while, which is good :)

2. Favorite tv show(s)? Glee, Pretty Little Liars, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

3. Favorite song(s)? Really, just any Britney Spears song! I can jam out to any of her songs all day :)

4. Favorite music video(s)? Womanizer - Britney Spears, …Baby One More Time - Britney Spears, Lucky - Britney Spears, Circus - Britney Spears, I Wanna Go- Britney Spears, Criminal- Britney Spears, Last Friday Night (TGIF) - Katy Perry, You Lost Me - Christina Aguilera
5. When is your birthday? June 8th :)

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44, 12, 18, 66, 77, 55 (:

12. Have you ever kissed someone whose name begins with the letter ‘A’?

nope -lol-

18. Have you ever told someone you loved them?

yes :)

44. What’s the best part about school? 

seeing my friends

55. Are you good at hiding your feelings?

yes, better than i probably should be -lol-

66. Will your next kiss be a mistake?

idk…i hope not

77. Are relationships ever worth it?

yes, i think so :)



briwain replied to your post: So I’m watching ICarly with the kids I babysit &…


they had a character that was a blonde southern popstar who was a ‘train wreck’ & who lip syncs…they said she used to be good cause of audio tech stuff & she had no talent. They pretty much just poked fun @ everything that happened with Brit in 07/08…they even did the VMA performance thing…it pissed me off…the quality of this is AWFUL, but you can get an idea…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6U5p3W3Pfo