In honor of tomorrow’s #FullMoon, take the time tonight to burn white sage in your bedroom. You can also burn your favorite incense or candle. Truly disconnect from the world tonight and tomorrow night to BE with yourself by yourself and for yourself. Outside of the influences of the world.

The next couple of weeks are about releasing bad habits and consuming obsessions/activities blocking you from Self. If you are offered an opportunity to get away, take it. Things are changing because they have to change. Things cannot remain the way they are. We are being guided to enriching spaces.

Tonight’s Affirmation: I release all self-judgments, critical thoughts and false beliefs preventing me from experiencing and expressing the depth and magnitude of my emotions.

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Adiós :'c

Ya chao…nos vemos dentro de un año (?) ;-;
Lo que pasa es que mi mamá se enteró de todo el tema de Skype con personas que “no conocia” y acusando a la-conciencia-buena de tener 40 y ser un viejo :’vvv
Y de las historias con brittany102003 ;w;
Asi que…eso :c
Según ella,me entregara el celu en año u.u
Ahora si,ya,eso ;-;
Adiós ;-; 3

When the Universe has a message to deliver, it will conspire to deliver its message.

Today’s #FullMoon energy is in full effect. I wasn’t kidding in my previous post when I said it’s time to disconnect from the world to reconnect with your Self.

It’s no coincidence it’s snowing. It’s no coincidence school and work is cancelled for many. It’s no coincidence social media posts are seemingly bothering you today. It’s all coming in to effect to get you alone with yourself. Elevation through isolation.

Honor the messages. Honor the signs. Take good care of your Self. Visit home. Much is ready to be revealed to you. Enjoy this restorative energy.

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Happy healing!

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So E3 hit me hard yesterday and it was nice seeing demos today. I am now kneeling at the feet if Nintendo. So Zelda looks amazing in Hyrule Warriors. SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND BADASS I CANT WAIT TILL I CAN PLAY AS HER! Quickish color blob sketch jspwnebfnksuaywprbbsaq

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