okay so this is my first follow forever :) first of all thanks to everyone who’s following me and stuff, really appreciate it and you’re all very lovely :)

so lets begin with my very very faves 

gottabestyles she’s a babe and she’s always there for me, very very lovely girl :)

polyzarriall my lovely housemate who kills spiders for me and hangs posters for me. i shared one of the best moments of my life with you, the concert, and i’ll never forget that day :) 

thenarrylovestuff the best narryfic writer, if you haven’t read my hazzy yet then you’re really missing out. also she’s my main girl to fangirl with over narry :) 

my lovely mutuals, faves are bolded
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so thank you all, i really like all of your blogs and if you want to talk to me then please do bc i want to talk to you as well, i just don’t know what to say :)

Happy Winter Solstice & New Moon!

Today is a powerful day energetically. This day symbolizes the mark of fresh, new, vibrant beginnings & blessings and closure for the past.

2014 was a powerful year on an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level. Now is a great chance for a powerful re-set. Release the old. Manifest the new. Awaken the wild, natural, instinctual state within. Forgive. You’ll feel lighter. Awaken the inner warrior. Celebrate this time of pure liberation. Adapt gracefully. Light a candle in honor of your, past, present and future that awaits. Adventure awaits! You don’t have to be a prisoner of the past when you have the opportunity to be a PIONEER of the future. Free yourself from all dis-ease. Embrace spontaneity. Attract the reality you want through visualization. We don’t get what we want - we get what we believe. Mind your mind. You’re deserving of abundance, prosperity, joy, and love. I speak it over your life!

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anonymous asked:

If you could meet anyone you've met on thmblr who would you want to meet

Oh my god there are so many… I literally cannot choose one so I’ll list a few but there are so many more than this.

nirelandhoran bandamnastyles 1d-n-5sauce mrsnarryhoran steal-my-christmas brittanykaitlyn cupcakeharry17 paynoisperfection nothinmoretosay bittersweetsymphony19 stopcaring-startliving and a few that either am forgetting or can’t remember their URLs for. The first two (ender and katie) I probably talk to the most but I love them all so very much!!!!

Okay, I’ve been getting letters from you guys and my mom keeps asking me how I know you guys and I can’t blatantly say “They’re my tumblr friends.” So, help me make up a fake story to tell about you guys. This should include: 1d-n-5sauce preferences1-d mrsnarryhoran stopcaring-startliving cahyootasabutton brittanykaitlyn allaboutthatdrummerboy aubreyanna2988 harrygirlina1dworld nothinmoretosay ….. And whoever else thinks they need a fake story :)

Brittana/Heya - “You Make It Real” by James Morrison

"Everybody’s talking in words I don’t understand. You’ve got to be the only one who knows just who I am. And you’re shining in the distance, I hope I can make it through. ‘Cause the only place that I want to be is right back home with you. "

Our babies are getting married and are going to be wifeys! :)

  • Straight Girls:Anna Kendrick is beautiful
  • Gay Girls:Anna Kendrick is beautiful
  • Straight Boys:Anna Kendrick is beautiful
  • Gay Boys:Anna Kendrick is beautiful
  • Bisexuals:Anna Kendrick is beautiful
  • The Queen:Anna Kendrick is beautiful
  • Barack Obama:Anna Kendrick is beautiful
  • All of planet Earth:Anna Kendrick is beautiful
  • Anna Kendrick:Brittany Snow though