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Hello! I'm rather new to the 1D fandom- and larry shipping- so I was wondering if you could give me the lowdown on what recent stuff there is as evidence, versus the multitude of fetus evidence (gifs and videos of which I have consumed quite happily)


Eire Og - Go On Home British Soldiers

for white people who say “but my ancestors did that! not me!!!”

white people seem to have this misguided notion that all historical events exist in a vacuum and that historical events are isolated incidents that have no bearing on society today, and it promotes this culture of white people in today’s society thinking that they’re free from the repercussions of their ancestors’ actions while PoC are still paying for those same exact actions

You are still benefitting from your ancestors’ actions.  Society is a direct reflection of the results of colonialism and white supremacy that gripped the world literally less than 50 years ago. My fucking grandparents were alive before the brits were forced out of India. How the fuck are you going to walk in here and tell me that things that affected my grandparents have absolutely no bearing on my life.

Britain is currently the “great power” that it is because it stole its wealth from its colonies. You have the exploited citizens of South Asian countries and the dozens of other colonies that the brits held to thank for the luxuries that you currently enjoy as a citizen of England. Hell your fucking queen still wears stolen jewels on her unwashed, racist head. If you think these historical precedents have absolutely no bearing on the way that South Asians are currently treated in and by Britain, then you are deluding yourself.

South Asians still face severe discrimination in Britain because of these ideologies that colonialism engendered in its people decades ago. South Asian people around the world are still feeling the effects of colonialism. For me personally, colonialism still affects my life because it forced my great grandparents out of india and to the colonies which leaves me with a severe identity crisis to this day. So how the fuck are you gonna come in here and try to separate modern british culture from the atrocities that they committed less than 70 years ago when it still affects the daily life of every South Asian person.

Are you really so selfish that you’re going to refute all of these things just so you can wear a bindi without feeling any remorse? Nah, man. You have no idea what it is that your ancestors did to us and how those actions still affect us today. If we have to live with the results of your ancestors’ actions, then so should you.

The good news:  Ian Paisley is dead.

The bad news:  Even the media in the United States isn’t allowed to report the truth.  They have to “Spin” everything, spoon feed you an alternative reality.  Here’s the story with my corrections:

The Rev. Ian Paisley, Northern Ireland’s Britain’s firebrand Protestant British leader who vowed never to compromise with Irish Catholic nationalists [Irish people living in Ireland who think Ireland should be ruled by the Irish government], then, in his twilight, accepted a power-sharing agreement [like it’s somehow “Generous” for foreigners in Ireland to “Share” power with the Irish] that envisioned a new era of peace [surrender by the Irish] in Northern Ireland after decades of sectarian violence [mostly British murdering Irish opponents to their occupation while the media screams “IRA” constantly], died on Friday in [British occupied] Belfast. He was 88.


Had this stuck in my head all day.

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I am the previous anon. My most important point was perhaps that it is the Irish that should decide how the struggle should proceed, because its their struggle. And then people in other countries have to go with it or leave it. It is the Irish that is the ultimate experts on this, not you or anyone outside Ireland. And I don't really understand why you think that people must only fight one cause a a time. Have you ever heard of intersectionality?

If I may be frank, you’re wrong.  That wasn’t your point at all. The fake “Irish Revolutionaries” spend nearly all their time ATTACKING the Irish, preaching AGAINST the Irish… dividing Irish against Irish. “A house divided shall not stand.” The last thing they (you) want is a united Ireland.

Want an example? Here’s your tiocfaidharlulz:

Martin McGuinness in particular was never a great role model for Irish Republicans. He’s an nationalist in the worst sense and he was never really a socialist, his allegiance was to the Irish nation above all else.

The two problems here are #1 she’s attacking McGuinness for (allegedly) being precisely what you claim you want and #2 Martin McGuinness is a sell-out.  He may have once had credentials, but those days are long gone. So we actually have tiocfaidharlulz attacking a shameless sell-out for being TOO pro-Irish while YOU defend her!

       …and then we have you upset with me for attacking this idiocy.

Why are you jealously guarding failure here?

Thinking Out Loud

I wrote a really short (like really short) oneshot about Dan and Phil that’s basically about a moment leading up to the dancing at the Brit Awards. Enjoy!

Title: Thinking Out Loud

Pairing: phan (danisnotonfire x amazingphil)

Genre: fluff? I guess?

Length: 674

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