Rob and Andrew Garfield got caught up last night in Toronto.

The Twilight hunk and Spider Man spent a good chunk of time catching up at the back of the restaurant, the two of them standing directly behind the banquette I was perched at. It was the post-premiere party for Garfield’s new one – a serious drama called 99 Homes – and Robert had just zipped into town for his own premiere, Map to the Stars.

And though there’d been some unkind rumours a few years ago that these two lads kinda loathed each other, I saw zero signs of a rivalry.

“Where’s Emma?” I heard Robert ask Andrew about his famous girlfriend. Normal party chatter. The two also appeared to exchange information via their phones – two guys at a party looking at screens! – and even ribbed each other about their beards.

On that latter count, Andrew certainly has Robert beat: his is a full-on grizzly-man beard, while Robert’s fuzz was his usual several-days grown-in.



Q: Are you really friends though? You’re supposedly also friends with Robert Pattinson, Jamie Dornan, Tom Hiddleston… How do you meet these hot young actors? 

"When you’ve been in the acting world long enough you work with people again and again. Jamie, Rob, Andrew Garfield and I have been working for about 12 years, starting in theatre in London. I was at school and university with Tom Hiddleston.

When we go to Los Angeles we would stay on friends’ floors and as a group of Brits we would stick together and help each other with auditions. People become family. So they are actually friends, I promise we’re not just pumping hot air up each others’… “

     ~ Eddie Redmayne


Robert Pattinson Anchorman (by stellarmoneca)

Sirius Radio Morning Mashup Nov 2008

This scene! Four years ago lol 

Just… perfect lmao


Nettie Wakefield and Rob go way back to when they were 12. Nettie is a model and artist, and she’s Matilda Sturridge’s best friend. Matilda is Tom’s younger sister, and Rob is the godfather of her son, Rudy and Nettie is the godmother.

The top pic is from 2012 when Nettie was in L.A. for one of Marcus Foster’s concerts. The middle pic is Nettie and her boyfriend, Benedict. You can just see Dakota in the upper left corner of that pic.

The Bobby Long wedding took place in the small historic town of Fallsington, Pennsylvania. Looks like a good place to have a wedding if you want to avoid the paps.