Filming ~ Jack Howard

Requested (I have so many requests so I’m afraid I’ve grouped all of yours together) - Hi, could you do a Jack Howard imagine please? Something like you’re a youtuber and you finally get to do a collab with him ? Thank you :)

More Jack Howard Imagines!!! they’re absolutely epic :)

Can I get a Jack Howard imagine? Thank youu xx

I hope you all like this :) 

You glanced down at your diary for the week, you’d completely forgotten that you were filming tomorrow. Suddenly your memories all came flooding back to you, you’d planned to do a collab with Jack Howard tomorrow. Your stomach filled with butterflies at the thought of Jack coming to your flat to film. You’d had a crush on him since you were first introduced to his videos.

You spent the rest of the evening tidying your flat, wanting to make a good impression with Jack.

When the doorbell went the following morning you jumped with joy and ran towards the door. You took a deep breath and almost yanked open your door. 

"Morning." Jack cheekily smiled at you. 

"Good morning." You smile back him, stepping back to let him in. 

"Can I just say your editing is amazing. I had a binge on your videos last night and your editing is almost as good as mine." You rolled your eyes at his confidence and walked towards your filming room with him following behind you. 

"Thanks." You called back. 

"Why haven’t we collabed together before?" He asks you, putting his camera equipment down next to yours. 

"My viewers don’t like you very much." You joke as you start to set up your camera. 

The filming went well, it was full of you and Jack having little digs at each other. Underneath all the sarcasm and mean comments you were both just flirting with each other. You found the more you talked to Jack the more you had in common with him and the more you liked him. 

He continuously interrupted you as you filmed your introduction which meant the filming went on until really late.

"I’m starving." You groan as you realise the two of you missed lunch. 

"Lets order pizza, my treat." He says, pulling up the dominos order page on your laptop. You agreed and you both ordered, laughing as you realised you were ordering the same pizza. 

You and Jack sat eating your pizza whilst editing together, it was almost perfect. You got on so well, you had many jokes together and yet at the same time you could still have a conversation with him. 

"Do you wanna go for coffee tomorrow? I’ve got some video ideas I’d like to discuss with you." Jack says as he’s walking out of your flat. 

"I’d love to, text me where and when." You smile, leaning forward and placing a kiss on his cheek. He blushed slightly and quickly left, leaving you with a huge grin on your face. You definitely liked Jack Howard. 

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Reasons To Love AmazingPhil.

This is going to be a long list so sit back and enjoy!

 1. His Eyes.  

2. His Smile  

3. His Laugh.


4. Him in Glasses.  


5. His Love for Lions.   

6. Cat Whiskers.   

7. Phil’s Selfies.  


8.His Friendship with Dan.    

9. His Dancing.  


10. Fetus Phil.      


11. His Adorableness.        

12. His Massive Heart.           

This could really go on forever, but To Put It in Simple Terms. We Love Phil Because He Is Phil. Cant make it any more clear. <3