~ emergency room ~ jar of imagines #7 ~

You sighed and closed your eyes. You were tired and you couldn’t keep your eyes opened. It was 1:20 AM and you were going to retrieve your phone that you left in the bathroom. You opened your eyes to see a tripod in the middle of the stairs. You quickly twisted your body to prevent yourself from tripping over the tripod. It was a close call, but not close enough. The thing is, you continued to fall. You tried to get a grip on something but you were met with air. You felt your knee smash against the edge of the bottom stair and you felt immense pain shoot up to your knee and then through the rest of your leg. You primarily felt it in your right ankle and knee. Your efforts to avoid the tripod had failed, and fell on your shoulder which hurt more than you expected it to. You writhed in pain, clutching your leg. You heard somebody run through the hall.

"Oh my god, are you okay?" It was Dan.

"Does it look like I’m okay?!” You snapped then flinched.

"Do you need any immediate medical attention?" Dan asks examining your state.

"Maybe. My leg is in so much pain, I don’t even know." You say looking at your leg.

"Alright, I’m calling an ambulance."

A few minutes later, paramedics came into the flat with a stretcher. You were placed onto a stretcher and was carried away into the ambulance. Dan sat next to you for the entire ride.

"So how did you ‘possibly’ break your leg?"

"I left my phone in the bathroom and I was going to go get it. My eyes were so tired they couldn’t stay opened. I closed my eyes for a second and then opened them to see your tripod in the middle of the stairs. Speaking of which, why was that there?"

"I guess I left it there after filming a short bit at the stairs. Did you trip over the tripod? I noticed it on the ground."

"That’s what I tried to avoid. In that process, I must have lost my footing and twisted my ankle or something. The tripod fell on me afterwards anyways so it was lose-lose situation for me."

A doctor in the ambulance was checking your leg. You flinched every time she touched your leg.

"Your ankle is broken for sure. As for your knee, it is also broken, but not as bad as your ankle." The doctor informed you.

"Oh great, crutches." You sigh.

Dan leaned towards your ear. “Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I’ll carry you around the house.” He whispered.

"Maybe, I don’t want to look useless though."


The doctors at the hospital fixed your leg and made a cast around it. You were given the crutches that you thought you’d receive (sorry, I don’t know the process to this as I haven’t broken anything bigger than a finger). You drive back home in a taxi. Dan helped you walk to the door. He took your crutches and took them up first. He then came back to act as a second railing for you. Once you were up the stairs and into the hallway, Dan scooped you up (carefully) and carried you to the lounge. He set you down on the long part of the couch.

"Would you like me to get you anything?" Dan asked kindly.

"Maybe hot chocolate?" You ask with hope in your voice.

"Alright, one hot chocolate coming up."

Dan walked out of the lounge. You reach for your phone in your back pocket. You feel nothing there, and then panic. Then the memory comes back. The only reason you spent 3 hours in a hospital, and 4 hours in pain was because you stupidly tripped on your way to get your phone from the bathroom. You looked at the door. It was only a flight of stairs to the bathroom. You want to do something for yourself so you push yourself up from your seat. Just when you were able to catch your balance, Dan walks in with a mug.

"What do you think you’re doing?" Dan asks, setting the mug down.

"I was going to get my phone—"

"No you are not. You broke your leg the last time you did that. I’ll get it."

"Ok, first of all, it’s my ankle and knee, the leg is fine. Secondly, that would be great thanks. Just be careful, having one injured out of three is more than enough."

Dan went down to the bathroom and got your phone. He handed it to you and sat next to you.

"Now, don’t break your finger trying to unlock it." Dan teased.

You rolled your eyes. “Knowing my luck, that would probably happen.”

Reasons To Love AmazingPhil.

This is going to be a long list so sit back and enjoy!

 1. His Eyes.  

2. His Smile  

3. His Laugh.


4. Him in Glasses.  


5. His Love for Lions.   

6. Cat Whiskers.   

7. Phil’s Selfies.  


8.His Friendship with Dan.    

9. His Dancing.  


10. Fetus Phil.      


11. His Adorableness.        

12. His Massive Heart.           

This could really go on forever, but To Put It in Simple Terms. We Love Phil Because He Is Phil. Cant make it any more clear. <3