Thea Porter (24 December 1927 – 24 July 2000) was a British artist, fashion designer and retailer who pioneered bohemian chic in the 1960s and 1970s. Born in Jerusalem, she settled in London in 1964 where she started working for Elizabeth Eaton as an interior designer. Her first shop, an interior decorating business offering imported cushions, French, Italian and Turkish fabrics and hangings called Thea Porter Decorations, opened in 1966 in Greek street, Soho. She soon realised that rather than just cutting up her imported kaftans to use the fabric for cushion covers, they were fashionable in their own right, and began making up her own in mixed fabrics and antique trimmings, instantly drawing a rock and film star crowd of clients from the Beatles and Pink Floyd to Elizabeth Taylor, Faye Dunaway and Barbara Streisand. Thea Porter Decorations became Thea Porter Couture and from 1967, she expanded internationally.

Thea Porter designed her prints and embroideries herself, and had a signature fabric of lilies, which were also printed on wallpaper for her Bolton Street flat, off Piccadilly. The beading, sequins and embroidery were often done in India, but the clothes breathed civilised high-living in hot capitals where France was the admired foreign power.

Thanks to Thea Porter middle eastern fashion came to London and the bohemian chic trend was born. [x].[x].[x]

Pictures: Thea Porter in British Vogue [x]

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Pencil hand lettering / illustration based on a quote by Aesop.

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