Phan Headcanon:

Okay so you know how Phil has a TV in his room? Every weekend Dan and Phil curl up to each other and watch horror movies together in Phil’s bedroom, and whenever Dan gets scared he grabs onto Phil, and Phil is just like: Oh my boyfriend is so cute and innocent.

the signs as political figures
  • Aries:nick clegg
  • Taurus:george osborne
  • Gemini:nicola sturgeon
  • Cancer:nigel farage
  • Leo:boris johnson
  • Virgo:david cameron
  • Libra:gordon brown
  • Scorpio:natalie bennett
  • Sagittarius:ed miliband
  • Capricorn:margaret thatcher
  • Aquarius:tony blair
  • Pisces:eric pickles

Changing - Sigma ft. Paloma Faith (x)

Everything is changing
I been here for too long
Going through the same things
I been hurt and done wrong
Got to move on

requested by gillian–gilbert

the signs as things commonly associated with britain
  • Aries:the royal family (bc you're queen af)
  • Taurus:chips and gravy (ur northern soul is real)
  • Gemini:wimbledon
  • Cancer:scones (or is it scones¿??)
  • Leo:james bond
  • Virgo:tea
  • Libra:cheese rolling races
  • Scorpio:wayne rooney
  • Sagittarius:bad weather
  • Capricorn:corgis
  • Aquarius:countdown
  • Pisces:being absolutely shit at eurovision every year

Jo Metson Scott

A British Sculptor Prepares for Her Bergdorf Goodman Debut

From her light-filled home studio in Queen’s Park, a residential pocket of northwest London with a village feel, Kathy Dalwood casts plaster busts using found objects to playfully update the classical form. 

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the signs and their jams
  • Aries:eastenders theme
  • Taurus:any mainstream pop song played on take me out
  • Gemini:national anthem
  • Cancer:this morning theme
  • Leo:every song on a ministry of sound album
  • Virgo:coronation street theme
  • Libra:where me keys, where me phone
  • Scorpio:ukip calypso
  • Sagittarius:lorraine bowen's crumble song
  • Capricorn:wagner singing livin la vida loca on x factor
  • Aquarius:land of hope and glory
  • Pisces:bohemian rhapsody aka original british anthem