From the Knees of my Nose to the Belly of my Toes”- Alex Chinneck

Located in the English seaside town of Margate has slumped down into the front yard. At first glance, I thought it was some kind of an engineering failure though it is actually a creative installation made by a British designer, Alex Chinneck. He has done this by simply removing the facade of a detached four-storey house that had been derelict for 11 years and replacing it with a brand new frontage that leaves the crumbling top storey exposed. 

Humorous and enjoyable installation was his aim for such a creation. The slip down facade reveals an internal view of the house where it has been dilapidated. 

“It has social issues, it struggles with high levels of crime and the grand architecture has fallen into a fairly fatigued state,” said Chinneck. "I was drawn to Cliftonville because it’s an area where the culture hasn’t reached and I think public art too often forgets its responsibility to the public.“