I’m a Britfag. We’re GMT+1 just now. I love Germans though! Wait, does that sound weird? I like the language and I’ve yet to meet a dickhead German (I’m sure they exist).

*doesn’t mention the war*

*realises that’s probably a very British in-joke*


anonymous said:

can I ask you why your tag for Alex turner is britf*g

okay first i just wanna address the fact that it is NOT meant to be offensive at all. it’s something i started using a while ago and i haven’t really felt the need to change it. which leads me to my second point: alex turner is british and he smokes a lot. fag is the term used in the uk to refer to a cigarette. hence britfag..

i just don’t feel the need to change it if it isn’t upsetting anyone. that’s why i’ve been using it. but, if it really bothers anyone please let me know and i will change it immediately.