opposingfarce asked:

Is UKIP an actual legitimate party with any kind of shot at winning anything? I was always under the impression that they're a tragic, depressing joke gone way too far with electoral prospects comparable any third-party candidate in the USA.

Farage (the current UKIP leader) has had an absurd amount of media coverage this election, to the point where UKIP are pretty much being considered a large-scale party on par with Labour and the Tories. A lot of the early coverage bigged him up as “the average working man’s politician”; showing him drinking in pubs and getting all racist about immigrants. That said the public opinion of him has become a lot more realistic as time has passed, but there’s still a worrying amount of people thinking that UKIP winning would be “a victory for the common brit”


So I’ve been without a good computer these past couple of months, which has lead to some insane halting on this blog. BUT, a new (and much better) computer is on it’s way and with that a lot of catching up to do in this space. In the meantime, enjoy these photos I took of Blur last week. Anyone who knows me also knows that Blur are major heroes of mine when it comes to music and the fact I got to photograph them is beyond mental to me. It’s something I never thought that I’d get to do and to be honest I’m still emotional as fuck whenever I think back to it. Wow….I photographed Blur, in a small venue….just wow.

More photos+the full recap of this gig will be coming soon (much sooner than you expect actually) and I can’t wait to share the whole slew of photos with you from that night.

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