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Participating in a photo petition to support the UQU Women’s Room. 

Lifted from the petition page:

The Women’s Room is an important part of the services the UQ Union provides to students at the University of Queensland. It is a place where students can feel free to discuss sensitive topics openly, to exist with comfort where that may not be possible outside this space, and to meet with like-minded students. It is open to women and all trans and nonbinary students.

Important practical functions of the Women’s Room include:
- it being a place for breastfeeding mothers on campus to feed their child in a comfortable, quiet, private environment
- it being a place for women of various religious faiths to remove garments that they wear in public and in the presence of men
- it being a place for trans people to spend time without the often considerable discomfort experienced in being among the general public
- it being a place for these students and women to congregate, socialise and network with each other where that may be difficult otherwise

Traditionally and historically, universities have been male-dominated places that have actively sought to exclude women, that have discouraged women from attending, and - despite eventually admitting women - that have not taken all possible steps to facilitate women’s full participation in university life as students and staff. Having a room on campus in which women can have a sense of autonomy and spend a short time free from the features and norms of our society that impact negatively on women is a valuable and necessary service for women students. It is a small space in the UQ Union complex that is highly valued by many women at UQ, and does not foster a sense of exclusion or negativity towards others.


Two Friends Turned Their Van Into A Mobile Laundromat To Wash Clothes For The Homeless

Two ingenious 20-year-old good Samaritans created a brilliant way to help the homeless – they’ve outfitted a van as a mobile laundromat to give the homeless the opportunity to clean their clothes safely.

The two creators of the Orange Sky Laundry project, Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi, started with an old van and a generator. With the help of donations, they were able to secure two washing machines and driers, allowing their van to process 20kg of laundry an hour.

The project was launched in July and is now in its trial period, during which the van will operate 5 days a week in Brisbane. If the van is successful, the organization might spread throughout Australia.