Amazing! But it’s slack that Blackfellas have to do something like this to get the attention of the media, otherwise they won’t report on us. 


The entire day i was completely overcome with emotion, it was beautiful to see so many people come out and support a cause that is so greatly ignored in this country. After marching hours through the streets of Brisbane and through the Queens street mall, i feel our voices could not be ignored by the public standing on the sidelines. This issue is too important to ignore, we won’t stop until the people of these communities feel secure and safe on their own land.

Brisbane protest over Indigenous community closures occupies City Hall The Guardian

After Friday’s planned protest was called off due to storms, a reported 3,000 protesters gathered on Saturday as hundreds held a peaceful sit-in

Hundreds of people “occupied” Brisbane’s City Hall in protest at the threatened closure of remote Indigenous communities in Western Australia.

The sit-in, which ended peacefully on Saturday evening after protesters chanted slogans and sported banners in the hall for more than two hours, followed nationwide protests on Friday.                   

Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy spokesman Paul Spearim said Indigenous communities were concerned the plight faced by those in WA was a harbinger of what could take hold in the fellow mining state of Queensland. …..