Name Change PSA

Hey all! I’ve decided to start working under the pen name of Brin Solomon! My tumblr url is staying the same, and I’ll be posting the same kinds of content that you’re used to, but my main webpage is now, so update your bookmarks accordingly!

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                      PWA Presents: Battles For Glory

Hair vs. Hair Match
Azrieal vs. Hippy Dicky Moon

PWA TagTeam Championships
The NPC (Nerdy People of Color) vs. The Wreckin’ Hillbillies ©

PWA Squared Circle Television Championship
The Amazing Red vs. Troy Stevens ©

PWA OX Baker Old School Championship
EC Negro (w /DG Haven) vs. Bull Dredd ©

PWA International Championship
Brian Fury vs. Josef Von Schmidt ©

Also an 8 match scramble match to determine the recently vacated Tough 8 Title

*participants to be announced*

The New Boys & Girls Club
255 West St.
Bristol, CT
Door Open:
Presale Tickets: 6:30pm
All Other Ticket Holders: 6:45pm
Bell time: 7:00pm
Front Row Ticket Price: $15
General Admission Ticket Price: $12


Brins: On Dating

A video I made for my webseries. 

Brins Mesa - Sedona Arizona by Al_HikesAZ on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This is the view looking east at Wilson Mountain at the south end of Brins Mesa just before the descent to downtown Sedona. I can understand why Brin didn’t want to leave this place. I was curious about the name. I have “Arizona Place Names” by Will Barnes (University of Arizona Press) which was published in 1935 and is still *the* source for the history of place names in Arizona, and Will doesn’t mention Brins Mesa. So I went searching. I found the answer in the March 2001 Arizona Highways Hike of the Month article. Brin was a wily brindle bull who ruled, lived and died on this mesa.