Wanted to share this pic for a few reasons. 1. To shout out a very special woman who has done a lot in my life. @brinoel was basically my mama when I was at washu, and seeing her be on the ground floor in STL and #ferguson helping the kids in that area BEFORE and after this tragedy is inspiring. I know those kids are in good hands because I’ve felt the love that woman can give. 2. A lot has been said about the residents of ferguson by people who don’t know shit about ferguson or it’s residents. They’re called looters, rioters, vagrants etc. But what you see here is parents taking their children to learn even though the schools aren’t open. You see a community banding together to share their resources, and creating hope in the face of adversity. When you think about black people, this is what we need to see. Show us caring for and valuing one another. Pass that message along. #dontshoot