Crying because Heather Kadin realized its all about Abbie and Ichabod and they are going to focus on their relationship and not bring in useless third-wheels to mess that up for no reason!

“I think right now we’re focused on how to mine the Crane and Abbie relationship as much as possible,” Kadin shared. “That’s going to be the focus. And then before we bring people into their lives, make sure it’s people we have a really good reason to bring in.”  


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I wish you'd write a fic where during the Sand invasion of Konoha, when Orochi summons the previous hokages, it pings off an alert in the afterlife and a shinigami( Harry Potter) is sent to check out the situation. Or maybe Harry comes during the war when people were bring reincarnated left and right. Every world messes with Life&Death to an extent but Naruto's world takes the cake. Or even during Pein resurrecting everyone. The afterworld is goingwtf? Somebody go see what those idiots are doing

Harry would be very busy then. Every time he turns around, someone’s being resurrected in that world. It’s like the living can’t handle their problems without rousing the dead to fight for them. Maybe the Shinigami try to leave it alone for a while. They can’t jump on every case of resurrection or they’d never get anything else down, so the first couple times, they ignore it, but then a whole bunch of souls (Pein’s invasion) that they were expecting to guide onwards are suddenly ripped from them, and now the paperwork’s backed up, everyone’s scrambling to try to sort the confusion out, and they’ve finally had enough. Who did those humans think they are? Just because they have some fancy chakra to fling around like Halloween candy doesn’t mean they can rule Death, especially since their actions are beginning to cause an imbalance to their world and the end result won’t be pretty. So Harry himself goes to check it out; he’s the Master of Death, he’s one of the rulers up top, and anybody who thinks they can cheat death (and cheath death so many damn times) does not sit well with him.

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I’m going to try to bring a little Gaijin Goomba into this whole debacle.  The tag is a mess right now.

Click the Read More link only if you’re willing to read entirely through a somewhat long expose on the recent news for If and community reactions.  This is not a speculation post, this is an opinion post, and I will not be answering any asks made in response, nor will I post any follow-ups.  This is the longest text post I’ve ever made on this blog, so consider yourself warned.

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“John, what is this?”

“Well, you said you wouldn’t mind seeing me wear something James Bond inspired. This is a classic straight from Goldfinger.

“Is it? Well, I was referring to somewhat different outfits.”

“I’m sure you were. I think I can imagine which one. I’m not going to cover myself in gold paint, just so you know.”

“What about honey, then?”

“That’s not James Bond, sorry.”

“But it would suit you really well. Complement the colour of your hair, and bring out your tan.”

“Maybe. It’d be a right mess, too.”

“No worries, I’ll help you clean it off again.”

“Really? How incredibly selfless of you. Well … I’ll consider it.”

“I know you will.”

Day 31: Holiday (vacation) of the 31 Day Domestic OTP Sketch Challenge devised by kowabungadoodles. The … thing John wears is inspired by Sean Connery’s infamous light blue terrycloth playsuit.

  1. Milkshake drinking competition
  2. Aggressively feeding ducks
  3. Massage
  4. Secretly shopping for the other
  5. Buying a Pet
  6. New Pet regrets
  7. Sudden rainstorm
  8. Watching terrible television
  9. Sleepy kissing
  10. Starbucks AU
  11. Fighting over fridge space
  12. Sharing a shower
  13. Sexy day dreams
  14. Unfortunate public boner
  15. DIY project
  16. Tickle fight
  17. Spontaneous Musical
  18. Costume party
  19. Walking home drunk
  20. Sex interrupted by phone
  21. Trying a new sport.
  22. Home cooking!
  23. Fell in a river
  24. Minor Phobias
  26. Magical AU
  27. Can’t sleep
  28. Night time confessions
  29. Getting lost
  30. Awkward dinner party
  31. Holiday (vacation)!

Some of you might have heard I have really sensitive skin, gets dehydrated quickly, hurts after contact with water.
I wash my hair, it stings. Get the dishes done, my fingers swell and get a rash - regardless of whether I used gloves. Gloves cause my hands to sweat, and my own fucking sweat hurts my skin.

This is pretty important, because I finally found out what is wrong and someone else out there could be suffering from this too and getting diagnosed wrong like I was.

The several last times I went for a doctor check up, I kept bringing up my issue of my messed up fingers. They always told me “It’s eczema, here I’ll prescribe a cream for you.” One of the creams soothed for a time, but only if I cut all contact with water. Another made my skin sting and turn very red, my fingers swelled and I refused to give another try. After a time I gave up on the doctors.
I looked up eczema, and nearly none of the symptoms fit my issue.

Still, I have had this problem for years now, and it’s not getting better.
After exposure to water the skin on my right hand gets inflamed, stiff, rips like paper, my fingers swell, and this blotchy bumpy rash spreads over them. I only just today found out this is hives - a common allergy symptom. The doctors couldn’t tell me this? Eczema my ass. Cream for eczema does not help me. Any treatment I’ve tried does nothing. Gradually my skin has peeled back from my nails, leaving them far more exposed than on my other hand.

Only after prolonged periods of time (often months) with no dish washing and limited water contact does my skin start to heal and become soft and flexible again.

My other pointer I never recognized or associated with this is that for years I have had difficulty with water consumption, and thus have spent the longest while badly dehydrated. I have a limit to how much water I can consume before I feel very sick - and it is much less than the normal amount of water a human must take in on a daily basis to be healthy. Until quite recently, I’ve mainly lived on a couple sips of liquid a day at most unless in the form of milk or tea.

Aquagenic urticaria - allergies to water. It’s very rare, but hurts like a bitch and cannot be treated with eczema medications.

Please raise awareness about this. Someone else out there could be ruining their skin without knowing they might be treating the wrong thing. Allergies, no matter how unusual, need to be taken seriously.

Tagged to do 10 fave songs and lyrics by craftedaliveart. Ugh. Here goes.

1. Sleep by My Chemical Romance: “Undeserving of your sympathy, because there is no way that I’m sorry for what I did.”

2. Teenagers by My Chemical Romance: “But if you’re troubled and hurt, what you’ve got under your shirt will make them pay for the things they did.”

3. Better off Dead by Sleeping with Sirens: “When all you got is these four walls It’s not that hard to feel so small
Or even exist at all”

4. Hold On Till May by Pierce The Veil: “It gets you down, we’ve all been there sometimes. But tonight I’ll make you feel beautiful once again.”

5. Roger Rabbit by Sleeping With Sirens: “Nobody’s gonna hold your hand and guide you through. No it’s up for you to understand, nobody’s gonna feel your pain.”

6. King for A Day by Pierce the Veil and Kellin Quinn: “We are the shadows screaming take us now. We’d rather die than live to rest on the ground.”

7. Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me the Horizon: “The higher I get, the lower I sink. I can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim.”

8. Sleepwalking by Bring Me the Horizon: “Should I sink or swim? Or simply disappear?”

9. The Mighty Fall by Fall Out Boy and Big Sean: “Even though my eyes close, I still see you. I just hope when you see me I’m not see through.”

10. This is Gospel by Panic! At the Disco: “Words are knives and often leave scars.”

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It was odd to waken and feel almost utterly at peace. In the months since their arrival in Paris, nightmares had plagued him often, flashbacks to the horrors he had endured in that damned prison. Between them and the worries facing them in Paris and with the looming rebellion, he often found calm an security little more than a distant memory. But here, cocooned in blankets and his wife, with the bright sunlight filtering through the gaps in the shutters, he felt safe. And while he felt safe, he knew he could keep them, the woman tucked into his side with the tiny swell of belly that was their child nestled safely between them, safe too. 

Feeling the little bump pressed against him brought a further wave of contentment sweeping over him, for as much as bringing a child into this mess that they called their lives just now terrified him, he was overjoyed that he was getting the chance. A chance he never thought he would have, at that. But Geillis had been wrong, and here they were with even more reason to fight and survive. 

Satisfaction played in the little smile that drew on his lips as his hand reached down to cup the rounded bulge of his wife’s belly. His hand was so large that it made a good job of covering most of the evidence of the child. If only it would always be that easy to keep him safe…

Trying to jostle Claire, who he still believed to be asleep judging by her breathing, as little as possible, he scooted down the bed until his head rested on the mattress at the same level as the top of the bump. He pressed his lips gently against the swell and without moving away, began to whisper to the child inside.

“Madainn mhath, a leannan,  Ciamar a tha thu?”