brimfield antique fair


One of the greatest things about living in Boston is the fact that I live so close to one of the most fantastic flea markets! If you’re a Massachusetts native or have visited the state during this time of year, you’re well aware of the Brimfield Antique Show. Like me, you have probably fallen in love with all its’ glory. Knowing all the walking I’d be doing, I pulled on my most comfortable shoes; My Tiger Authentics. Venturing around I found the most AMAZING owl statue. I definitely left a happy girl. If you’re ever here during The Field, be sure to check it out! -brittany


hi tumblr, so this Saturday I went to the Brimfield Antique Fair (in Brimfield, Massachusetts) and I went to one of the booths near the front which said “Vintage Eyeware by Esther M. Harris” i tried on a fantastic pair of eyeglasses and loved them- but was skeptical about her prices, i had her write down the supposed “maker” and “model” of the glasses… upon searching through the web they were not found.. I am quite disappointed and upon reading some very well hidden reviews it appears as though she is a hack and often promises to make glasses that she never completes. IF ANYONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS WOMAN or Can tell me where you may see supposed “French made glasses” made by a company called “Montecelli” that go by “B 18,000 C-3” in turtleshell and green I would love you forever and ever.. and this is also a PSA saying that this woman- no matter how convincing is a HACK! DO NOT BUY FROM VINTAGE EYEWEAR BY ESTHER M. HARRIS!!

Three Things.

This weekend i want to make German Puffed Pancakes. They are super easy and of course delicious so i was delighted when i came across this favourite treat on a blog which i have followed for awhile; Taza and Husband

Second on the list this weekend is a trip out to Brimfield, MA to experience the Brimfield Antique Fair. I went a long time ago but from what i remember it promises to be a fabulously overwhelming stockpile of antiques. i am hoping to find a small unique coffee table as well as some jadite glass canisters for my kitchen.  

Lastly, today was Oliver’s first day of “school”.  He is in a pre-pre-school program a couple of days a week.  He walked into the class like he owned the place and gripping his adorable hippo Skip Hop lunch bag we gave out kisses and hugs and told him we would see him later! ekk. my baby is growing up.