Day 20: My favorite scene from Repo! is Seeing You Stirs Memories (including everything after “Luigi Stop it!”) It’s the first time Mag appears, Paris Hilton calls her a bitch… So much emotion! *sarcasm* I just really like everything about it. LOVE how Shilo internally fangirls over Mag. I feel like that scene is all about Mag, and that is why I chose it.

69 Things Learned from Repo!

1. Shilo is infected.

2. Shilo’s genetics are a bitch.

3. That’s what is expected when you are infected.

4. Shilo wants to go outside.

5. Nathan is the monster.

6. Nathan is the villain.

7. Clean incisions, Nathan delivers.

8. Unscathed organs, Nathan delivers.

9. Repossession, Nathan delivers.

10. Nathan is the legal assassin.

11. Luigi doesn’t take lip from a slut.

12. Amber doesn’t take lip from a cunt.

13. Pavi’s brother and sister should fuck.

14. Luigi is the smartest and the toughest.

15. If you asked a gentern who they preferred, 10/9 would say the PAVI!

16. Pavi will leave your diapers dripping.

17. Pavi steals all of the hearts.

18. Zydrate comes in a little glass vile.

19. The little glass vile goes into the gun like a battery.

20. The zydrate gun goes somewhere against your anatomy.

21. when the gun goes off, it sparks and you’re ready for surgery.

22. Amber Sweet is addicted to the knife.

21. Addicted to the knife, she needs a little help with the agony.

22. A little help comes in a little glass vile in a gun pressed against her anatomy.

23. Mag’s contract’s got some mighty fine print.

24. That mighty fine print puts Mag in a mighty fine predicament.

25. It’s a thankless job, but somebody’s got to do it.

26. Nathan remembers.

27. Nathan is the night surgeon.

28. Mag saw Shilo at the show.

29. She thought she’d seen a ghost.

30. Mag is Shilo’s god mom.

31. They have both been kept in bondage.

32. Mag’s eyes can do more than see.

33. A sheltered rose needs a little room to bloom outside her bedroom.

34. Nate never was a man of many words.

35. A repo man will come and take Mag’s eyes.

36. Shilo’s just 17, and it’s better than 40.

37. Mama drama’s got to go.

38. Shilo’s sweeter than sixteen.

39. Daddy’s girl’s a fucking monster.

40. Happiness is not a warm scalpel.

41. That surgery was only 90 grand.

42. Amber needs a stage name.

43. Shilo must be brave.

44. Mag’s made her peace.

45. Nathan will end this grudge.

46. Mag’s gonna sing her final song at the opera tonight.

47. Pavi gets laid at the opera tonight.

48. That single mom looks smashing on live T.V.

49. GeneCo’s got it.

50. Mag would rather be blind.

51. Shilo didn’t know she loves Nathan so much.

52. Nathan didn’t know he loves Shilo so much.

53. Shilo’s legacy is not up to her genes.

54. Sarah Brightman was still a babe at 48.

55. Luigi thinks Mag’s lips are wet and appealing.

56. By 2056, the theatre will no longer have class.

57. Marni was a little floozy.

58. Somebody scalped Marni and made Shilo’s wig out of it.

59. Blind Mag somehow saw Marni’s eyes because she told Shilo she had her mother’s eyes.

60. Mag told Shilo she had her mother’s hair, which proves the scalping theory.

61. Paris Hilton’s clothes fit universally.

62. By 2056, surgery will be worn as a fashion statement.

63. By 2056, one can pull a drug straight from his nose.

64. By 2056, a glowing blue drug will exist.

65. By 2056, drug dealers will be some of the most attractive creatures on Earth.

66. By 2056, everybody will wear amazing clothes and have amazing hair and makeup.

67. By 2056, some unexplained miracle will happen and make the most popular celebrity an opera singer.

68. By 2056, the world will look like Oscar the Grouch’s wonderland.

69. Shilo has Joan Jett in her closet.