Exposition LET'S PLAY !


Cette année, l’EESAB est École partenaire de la biennale d’art
contemporain PLAYTIME.

Pour son exposition de rentrée, l’EESAB réunit vingt artistes issus des
sites de Brest, Lorient, Quimper et Rennes à l’occasion de la 4e édition
des Ateliers de Rennes - biennale d’art contemporain.

Un étrange retour à l’école pour ses jeunes artistes qui révèleront des
oeuvres où s’entremêlent l’humour, le jeu et l’ironie.

Liste des artistes :
Wilfrid Almendra, Jean-Marie Appriou, Charlène Auvinet, Romain
Bobichon, Leslie Chaudet, Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel, Maxime
Davy, Cécile Gaillard, Camille Girard & Paul Brunet, Julien Gorgeart,
Constance Hinfray, Brieg Huon, Rodolphe Keller, Samir Mougas,
Arnaud Pearl, Guillaume Pellay, Hélène Thomas et Margot Wendeling.

Mercredi 17 septembre, 18h30,

Du 17 septembre au 24 octobre

Galeries du Cloître
Du lundi au vendredi, de 14h à 18h

EESA B - site de Rennes
34 rue Hoche - 35000 Rennes
Métro Sainte Anne-Parking Hoche


Me and beekilgannon have just had the best night ever. We went to see Newton Faulkner at the O2 ABC in Glasgow and I’ve never had an experience like it.

Newton is one of the most naturally funny people I’ve ever met in my entire life. Throughout the entire show he would make jokes and quips, and on occasion he would just laugh to himself. He such a jolly person that it’s impossible to not be charmed by his personality.

He also puts on one hell of a show. In between making you laugh he’ll play his songs in new and inventive ways that aren’t necessarily used on his albums. He’ll ask the audience to participate in singing and dancing and jumping and he just always seems to put 120% into what he does.

He’s also incredibly humble. He spent a great amount of time thanking everyone who helped him put on his gig tonight, adding individual mentions to specific people wherever possible, giving everyone their share of the recognition.

After the show and waiting around in the cold by the tour bus for about 45 minutes he came out and spent time with the fans who decided to hang around. He tried to hold a conversation with everyone, signed autographs and took pictures all with a smile on his face and with pleases and Thank-Yous and a real genuine enjoyment and modesty. He’d take silly pictures if you asked and he just truly is a spectacular and most amazing person to be around, and I hope someday you guys get to experience that as well.


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Name: Rachel
Birthday: April 27th

Favorite color: Blue!  All teh blue
Lucky number: 27 or 22
Height: 5’3
Talents: I give really awesome hugs

Last dream you remember:  God knows.  It’s been years since I remembered one.
Can you juggle: I used to be able to.
Art/sports/both: Arts.

Do you like writing: Don’t be crazy!

Do you like dancing: I love it.  I don’t even need to be drunk to do it.
Do you like singing: Again, I love it.  Me and Briege will quite happily sit at home singing along to musicals and thinsg together.


Dream vacation: Somewhere warm and comfortable that I can curl up and read.  A good collection of books, and wifi.

Dream guy/gal: Someone who can make me life, and shares the smae interests
Dream wedding: Early summer, a beautiful church followed by a reception in a gorgeous hotel with lots of delicious food.  (I’m a chef, the food is important.
Dream pet:  All the cats, and a husky….because I’ve always thought they were beautiful animals.
Dream job:  I want to own my own little cake shop
Favorite song: Bohemian Rhapsody
Last song you heard on the radio: God knows, it was at work last night, and I think it was some modern crap which I just tuned out.
Least favorite song: I don’t know what it’s called.  I just know that I hate it with a firey passion
Least favorite album: Whatever Justn Bieber’s album is called probably

Least favorite artist: Justin Beiber


Guys/girls/both:  Both
Hair colour: Dark
Eye colour:  Blue
Humorous/serious: Always humourous!
Taller/shorter: Taller.
Biggest turn-off: Sexism/racism/homophobic/transphobic in fact any form of prejudice.  And no knowledge of where the line in a joke is.  It shouldn’t be that easy to cross.
Biggest turn-on: Being a complete and utter giant adorable dork, with a snarky sense of humour and a love of nerdy things.  They also need to give good hugs.

I’m not tagging anyone.  But, if you can read this, you’re tagged.

VARIOUS ARTISTS (LABEL SAMPLERS) - Prog Sphere Promotions - Progstravaganza XIX: Convergence (Various Genres)

[Compilation · 2014]

01 - David Maxim Micic - Smile [00:09:33]
02 - Eyot - How Shall the Dust Storm Start [00:06:51]
03 - 2KX - Prometheus [00:17:58]
04 - Murky Red - Black Beast Rising [00:05:10]
05 - Brieg Guerveno - Al Liver [00:05:31]
06 - Quiet! - Florist [00:07:13]
07 - Kindler - Shifting Ground [00:05:25]
08 - Sounds Like the End of the World - Lunar Tide [00:05:47]
09 - Dream The Electric Sleep - Elizabeth [00:08:22]
10 - Destiny Potato - Addict [00:07:38]
11 - Galactic Pegasus - Invertebrate [00:02:59]
12 - Orpheus Blade - Dismissal [00:08:51]
13 - Fuseboxx - Animated [00:05:57]
14 - Jedediah Smith - Meander [00:16:30]
15 - Paul Bielatowicz - Etude Op. 10, No. 4 - Chopin [00:02:16]
16 - Liquid Shades - Fade to Horizon [00:05:41]
17 - Sonic Sky Writers - This a Dream [00:12:33]
18 - The Madeleine Haze - The Turning Away [00:04:42]
19 - Aisles - Melancholia [00:10:39]
20 - Proud Peasant - The Precipice [00:13:20]
21 - Aequilibrium - Aequilibrium [00:04:57]
22 - Cereus - Cassiopeia (Radio Edit) [00:04:22]
23 - Montage - Strawberry Skies [00:08:13]
24 - Celestial Fury - Comically Mischievious [00:04:14]
25 - False Coda - Respect [00:07:07]
26 - Motion - Crawling in the Dark [00:04:03]
27 - Vicinity - Walk All the Way [00:11:42]
28 - The Parallax - Obliquity of the Ecliptic [00:08:46]
29 - Shadow Merchant - The Kindness of a Stranger [00:11:19]
30 - Anger in the Reward System - Hearse Accident [00:06:01]
31 - Eternal Journey - Nebula Movement IV [00:07:41]
32 - Mile Marker Zero - Trick of the Tongue [00:04:06]
33 - Cheeto’s Magazine - Nova America [00:25:24]
34 - Elarcos - Microapologia [00:11:58]
35 - Mahogany Head Grenade - Vinedresser [00:07:08]
36 - The Mighty Swine - All That is Evil [00:04:47]
37 - Los Asteroide - Diez Vikingos [00:03:37]
38 - Omega Diatribe - Forty Minutes [00:04:06]
39 - Camelias Garden - Mellow Days [00:09:38]

Total Time 5:12:22

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I don’t know if any other Long Distance couples do this, but I’ve found that it has really helped keep the intimacy during periods of time where we haven’t been able to be together. Please note, I mean a romantic, platonic intimacy, and not a sexual one.

Of course everyone who has ever had to deal with a distant partner has spent many nights cuddling with their pillows and duvet to stave off the loneliness. Most of the time that pillow will in your mind be a temporary placeholder for your Long Distance partner, so why not add a hoodie/jumper/t-shirt/whatever-you-want into the mix? Have them wear it for a little while before hand so that it retains their scent and you have yourself a fantastic little snugglebuddy that will keep you warm until your partner can get there. <3

It may seem like a silly idea, but the imagination is a powerful thing and can make all the difference in keeping a Long Distance Relationship thriving.

Happy snuggling!