"… but the power of the Ring could not be undone."


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Can I request Sakurai's reaction to his crush confessing to him? (Bonus if Too's basketball team are secretly watching from somewhere)

"Satsuki, are you sure about this?"

"Dai-chan, have I ever been wrong about things before?"

He could only answer with silence, because, well, she never has been wrong. Aomine had to put his trust in Momoi, who supposedly knew all about Sakurai’s crush on another first year at Touou.

And this same crush was going to confess to him.

It had started off with just Aomine and Momoi just outside of Touou’s gym, but then Imayoshi had come out looking for them, so they had to drag him into it, too.

"Oi, oi. Why am I here? I refuse to be an accomplice for your crimes."

"Crimes? We’re just making sure that Ryou’s okay."

"No, you just don’t want him to make bento for anyone else, because then he’ll start eating with whoever that is and you won’t be able to steal his."

Again, Aomine was silent. Imayoshi did have a point.

Momoi waved her arm for silence. Sakurai’s crush was approaching the gym, and she really didn’t want them to ruin this.

"Is Sakurai-kun in here?"

Susa turned back towards the gym’s interior. “Sakurai, someone’s here for you.”

"A-Ah! I’m s-sorry, I’ll be right back!"

The other three were too far to hear anything, but Sakurai looked surprised and apologetic (not much of a surprise).

"Why are you all hiding back here?!"

Trust Wakamatsu to come shouting at full speed. He was about to launch off into some terrible babble of incoherent words but Imayoshi punched him just before he could say anything. He dropped like a brick.

"Sorry, sorry."

They all turned back to Sakurai, whose expression had changed to one of delight. 

He was definitely an apologetic mushroom, but he was part of Touou, and Touou sticks together, no matter what their play suggests.