Looking for Roman bridges in Provence, France
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“Pontem perpetui mansurum in saecula mundi” (I have built a bridge which will last forever) – Caius Julius Lacer, builder of the Alcántara Bridge Ancient Roman bridges represent one of the greatest wonders of the Ancient World. They are an exceptional feat of Roman construction and I hold a certain fascination for these impressive ancient structures. Naturally I always look for traces of Roman bridges while travelling. It was in Portugal that I really got excited about these engineering marvels. The country is indeed filled with perfectly preserved Roman bridges (see………. Read More

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Southport Skyline

Trying a more clean and less edit type of photography. Less time in Lightroom and more time with the settings on my camera. I had the privilege of rolling with an 18-300mm lens for these. So, I was incredibly content with that.

I am so unsure in which way I want to go with photography as there are so many styles and genres I like. Should I specialize in a certain form? I keep saying landscape and nature…but, then I see something and think “Yes, maybe this!?” or just maybe, I should keep shooting what catches me and maybe, in time, my own “real” thing will develop on its own…