I was tagged, holy shit


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1) Favorite game/ game series? 

  I’m really into dangnan ronpa right now. I think it’s so awesome and suspenseful and most of the time the most unexpected thing happens ;)

2)Something you’re not proud of?

  That would definitely be the first time I ever cut myself. Ikr, depressing. But I’ve stopped and been clean for 5 months! Yay!

3) DO you own any fandom merchandise?

Duh :P I have 2 doctor who t-shirts, a sherlock poster, and a bunch of pins from various fandoms 

4) Is there anything you’re looking forward to?

Definitely going to block island in August with my friend Emily. That will be loads of fun

5) Do you play any online games?

Erm. Not at the moment :/

6) What is one thing you consider yourself great at?

Well I think I’m great at art, but then I see other people artwork and then I feel bad about it. 

7) Do you over think things or tend not think things through?

I usually don’t think things through and then I get yelled at for not thinking of the consequences. :(

8) Are you more feminine or more masculine?

Feminine I guess. Idk :P

9) What is one of your pet peeves?

Girls. Boys. Humans. 

10) What qualities do you thing more people should have?

Nice and understanding. Not slutty or mean or annoying :)

11) Do you act different around your friends than your family or in public?

I act differently around my family than my friends, cuz my family doesn’t understand me and my friend’s humor so I would just get yelled at for cracking a joke. :P

My questions for you: 

1) is your room messy or clean right now?

2) how long do you take in the shower 

3) how long are you on tumblr every day?

4) what are your favorite fandoms?

5) what fandoms do you hate?

6) do you have a lot of friends?

7) what sports do you do, if any?

8) Favorite band?

9) whats your natural hair color?

10) have you ever had braces?

11) favorite subject in school?