I found you
Then gave up
I couldn’t deal
I’m stuck

I wanted to hold u tight
Tell you you had a place
But when the time did come
I lost the will to face

Will to face the world
Will to face the hurt
So I left you out there
With death I went to flirt

I knew that u were stronger
I was never fit to be
The person that u needed
A sister who would see

See and understand
Share in ur knowledge and life
I just can’t seem to care
All I think of is a knife

Yet u deserve so much
Siblings like I had
I want you to care for them
And hold them when they’re sad

Ill be watching from my cloud
The darkened home I’ve found
But remember to smile my way
Cause in This place joy doesn’t make a sound

I’m a person made of hate
Who never finds the will to wait
Of selfish dreams and hopes
Of dangling tree branch ropes

I’m a person of angry words
Longing for the freedom of the birds
Chaining others with my fear
Captured within a sullen tear

I’m a person without care
Who’s hollow eyes do stare
From her empty darkened heart
As she slowly falls apart

I’m a person who wants to die
Each night I sit and cry
I’m a person without a soul
I’m a person no longer whole