It’s here - the full color, third issue of the “Wait, Stop Here” zine series by Brian Arnold. This one is titled “Exhausted Structures” and features a collection of photos from allover the place that contain buildings and objects that have seen better days. All photos in this issue were shot with an iPhone and edited using VSCOcam.

- Full Color 
- 24 pages 
- Laser printed on 28lb. paper 
- Hand folded and stapled 
- Includes buttons and other extras 
- Limited to 50 copies, hand numbered.

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A Tribute to the TMNT Incarnations & Voice Actors, 1987-2014

Which one is YOUR favourite?

For me, I’m very biased towards the more recent incarnations; my favourite Leo voice is Michael Sinterniklaas, my favourite Mike voice is Mikey Kelley, my favourite Raph voice (by a LONG way) is Nolan North and my favourite Donnie voice is Sam Reigel. My favourite cast all together is the 2007 cast and it’s also my favourite incarnation and style, it’s damn beautiful. That said, I also adore the 2012 cast and that incarnation.


Spreads from Consolation Prize by Brian Arnold

The overall theme of this handmade zine is feeling stagnant where you’re at and rethinking the major decisions you’ve made in your life. It’s about missing home but not being sure if home even still exists.

- 20 pages + Cover / Approx. 5.5in x 8.5in. 
- The covers for this zine are made from repurposed vintage file folders and feature a 4x6 print 
- All B&W 35mm film photos 
- Binding is hand stitched using hemp string 
- All text is hand stamped 
- Hand trimmed 
- Hand numbered /20 - PHP006 
- Initially made for the Grand Rapids Zine Fest

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TDB Partner: Brian Arnold

It’s Official Brian Arnold is a TDB Partner.  We’ve been working together recently and he’s become a vital part of the blog and I’m glad to have him as a part of TDB.  Brian is a graphic designer, photographer, and all around great guy with a bad ass beard from Michigan.  If you need some work done you should give Brian the chance. 

You can find out a little more about him with the following links. 

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