Welcome to another episode of my fangirl life. Post-Concert Depression edition.

It’s been more than a week since the epic Bazooka Rocks 2 happened but I still can’t believe it’s over. It’s just now that I finally had time to blog about it because I had a lot of school works to do last week!

Warning: Major Fangirling Ahead.

At first, I was hesitant to go to Bazooka Rocks 2 because I had to use my own money to buy a ticket. Heck. My previous concert tickets were either sponsored by my relatives or won from giveaway contests. Truth be told, the only bands that I listen to are Tonight Alive, All Time Low, and A Rocket to the Moon. But after hearing the other bands at BRF2, I was like “I should start listening to these cool bands too!”

My sister and I got to enter the venue at 11:30 am and Save Me Hollywood was already performing. Yes, I missed the other OPM bands like Penguin, Faint Light and Mad Hatter Day! Anyway, a few minutes later, Tonight Alive had their meet and greet but I had no pass (huhuhu) so I was just at the side, trying to get a glimpse of them!

And snap! A photo of Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive looking at my camera! Hahaha let’s assume she’s really looking at my camera. I love them so much it hurts! It’s their second time here in the Philippines but until now, I haven’t met them!

And then we finally joined the mosh pit!


It was my first time to hear Radio Drive By and I gotta say I fell in love with them immediately! They were freakin awesome and I loved every second of their performance. Adam Simons is perfection!

Dudes from outer space - Uchusentai Noiz! It was a surprise that I actually enjoyed their set. I find it funny how they introduced themselves with all those poses and moves. They also performed an OPM song which is “Narda”. The only thing I didn’t like was when one of their members licked (or should I say french kissed?) the pick before throwing it to the crowd. If it was Zac Efron who did that, I’d probably attack and eat people alive just to get the (licked) pick!

It’s time for my favorite band - Tonight Alive! We were already at the second row of the mosh pit when the crowd suddenly went crazy and intense during their set!  I wanted to sing along with Jenna but everyone was pushing each other that time. I wish I could shout “Can you guys please behave like grown-ups?!” Hahaha anyway, I enjoyed their performances simply because I love them so much! And seeing/hearing them live is a great thing for me.

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All Time Low’s set | 082513

I’ve been quite idle lately but I am still trying to find time to post here :-) So I don’t really have any photos of BRF II (AT ALL) in my cameras but I took some using Jill’s because I got low on battery. I did, however, take a lot of vids (which I screen-captured and tadaaaa I have some photos to post so forgive the koala-tea lol) and I’m still converting them to gifs. 

Let me just take a moment to cringe and think about how close I was and how it all seemed surreal. I can feel the PCD kicking in again.

Anyone selling their Bazooka Rocks Fest II ticket with a discounted price?

Seeing photos of ATL in MoA right now makes me extra emotional and I’m not even on my period. Look at them sexy pair of legs Alex got huhuhu I badly wanna see them but I’m afraid my moolah is not enough. I ALSO baldy want to see A Rocket To The Moon because you know, if I would, that would be my first & last time to see them cause they’re di-dis—disb… =(( You know what I mean. So, anyone? Please? Be my saviour!