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Brewing blackberry mead today! Our friends were having a mead making day and we joined in to make a mead that will be ready for our one year handfasting anniversary next year (we are getting handfasted in November!). Super excited to have our own homemade mead that we helped make! 🍺🍺🍺 #mead #medieval #viking #vikings #asatru #brew #brewers #brewing #blackberrymead #beginnerbrewers #beginningbrewing #friends #heathen #heathens #honeymead #homemade #pagan #sca #life #norse (at

Mikkel Borg Bjergso, a 38-year-old former high-school science teacher who runs the Danish brewery Mikkeller, stuck his face into a bag of hops and inhaled deeply.

It was a rainy February afternoon, and Mikkel, who makes some of the world’s most inventive beer, was visiting de Proef, a Belgian brewery in the town of Lochristi.

The hops had been processed into unctuous pellets that resembled cat food, and they released a ripe botanical stink heavy on lemon grass and cannabis. “That’s nice,” Mikkel said, crumbling a few pellets between his fingers and nodding approvingly at the sticky green smear they deposited on his thumb. They were specimens of a strain called Polaris, developed by growers in Germany, which Mikkel had asked de Proef’s proprietor, Dirk Naudts, to purchase for use in a new Mikkeller beer. “They’re very fatty,” Naudts said.

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