PangPang Brewery by Snask / snask.com

We helped PangPang Brewery with the packaging design. We built the concept around tiki and named the beers Cocojambo, Pelekane, Bamboleo, Libertango, Playa del Drevviken, Waikiki, Flamingo-GO, and Tiki Tango. We aim to help PangPang outbeat its competitors through the use of smart branding and gorgeous design. Our client-agency journey has just started, but stick around – the story continues!


International Beer Day. Need we say more? What about “It’s happy hour?”

Have a great weekend!

Duesseldorfer from Napoleon Lajoie’s official base ball guide 1906.

Ads for some local DC breweries from Boyd’s directory of Washington & Georgetown 1867. (FYI, the “Island” in those addresses refers to the area below and west of the old canal in DC—pretty much SW DC.)

And the remarkably beer-heavy Industrial history of Milwaukee (no surprise here) with some breweries, including Schlitz’s.


Back (and redesigned) by popular demand, it’s our Breweries of the United States print!

This 39” x 27” PCL classic has been redone from the ground up, with twice as many breweries as its progenitor and featuring an all new design celebrating the great brewers of the United States.  From Sierra Nevada to Deschutes to our pals at Brooklyn Brewery, this magnificent map of malt and hops clocks in at over seven square feet and features over 1400 breweries, from craft to micro and everything in between.

Perfect for hopheads, IPA-addicts, and Ale-and-Lager lovers of all stripes.