Villain Ward Week - Day 1 - Favourite Villainous Moment

Well, “favourite” is probably pushing it a bit, but this was definitely the moment I stopped kidding myself that he was up to something other than just being evil (to be fair, I was probably in denial over Victoria Hand being definitely dead more than anything. Because if it was all an act she would be in on it and still alive! … Yeah, that ended well). Nothing like a bit of casual misogyny to make you realise what an evil creep someone is. And he’s all the more interesting a character for the evil creepiness, so long may it continue!

Currently having post-con adrenaline because today was so fantastic. Like I got to meet Brett Dalton and we talked about how misunderstood Ward is and how amazing the Ward fan base is and it was just aksjshagagskldd
I really hope he comes to Portland again next year because I’d love to meet him again. He was so sweet and I even joked with him. My name’s Victoria and he said “oh I have a friend named Victoria!” And I said “oh the one you killed?” Meaning Victoria Hand and that made him laugh :p It was just so perfect and I couldn’t stop smiling.
Thank you so much Brett for being perfect