Another day in LA

Just a day in LA.. Nov 13, 2011 if you really want to know.

First off Johnny Cupcakes  shop cuz i was hungry. 

Naturally went to Kidrobot, they had 2 cute girls working at the store. I still want that rabbit stool. 

Then it was off to Hollywood.. The sign seriously got downgraded. 

Was posing at this closed shop on the Hollywood Blvd and this girl wanted to take a pic with me. Guess i look like someone. 

Later that night craved some hotdog so made the trip to Pink’s. But on the way saw this dope art on this Chinese restaurant. The restaurant itself serves old school chinese cuisine.


mmmmmmmm bacon chili cheese dog nom nom nom ^_____^

End of the night found this girl taggin up the wall. Was chatting it up with her, and then one thing led to another ;)

aight LA til next time 

My passport

I’ve had a passport pretty much half my life. And i’ve never used it the way i wanted to. In high school i told myself i would travel outside of the United States and go to Europe before i was 30. Wanted to explore and see this group of small nations that have such rich history. I want to take pictures with my old 35mm slr Nikon, and embarrassingly try to speak the different languages. But the way things are going now, it doesnt seem that dream will come true in the next 5 years. Id be lucky to go in life time now..

p.s. dont give me shit about “oh plane tickets are getting cheaper and you can get package deals for $x,xxx and blah blah blah.” NIGGA im broke! if you dont understand that, then you have a good paying job and i dont.  

I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday! i truly appreciate it, whether it was here on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, text, in person or phone call. Im truly blessed to have you ALL in my life! ^__^
Im now motivated to start working out!

I pretty much given up on finding that girl who would like me for being a chubby guy (you selfish bitches). I mean i like being a big guy with a bit on the fat side.. But i guess alot of girls dont like that in a guy (i blame tv and magazines for this). Doenst matter how great a personality i have, how nice i am, or how much i can make a girl laugh, it just doesnt seem enough. SO ive decided to try and lose weight so that maybe they will notice me more and i wont be forever alone when im 30

4 hours...

years ago there was this girl who every other night, sometimes every night or so for a bit, we would talk on the phone for hours, usually for about 4 hours. Sometimes we would just stay on the line til we both fell asleep… That was then. Today she is married now and happy. As for me i stay awake for hours at night still, but alone…… I think of it now, and damn what the fuck happened? Cuz i really dont know why it stopped. Was it her? was it me? My phone doesnt ring at night anymore. Im used to it… i dont want to be used to it