brendonsmall asked:

im sorry if u get this question a lot but do you foresee yourself ever continuing the comic?? im just curious because i remember u had plans for new characters and i tHINK u did have an ending planned for the ambrosia storyline? like are these ideas going to waste now or?

HAAHH i might i dunno. there’s too many factors. if i do im casting the ambrosia storyline into the gates of hell. that episode does NOT want to be written and is probably cursed.


You can get revenge on those who wronged you!
You can burn off their skin with fire!


Behold the BATMEAL

  • diesel

okay i am sososososo bad at this voice acting business, but, here you go.

an oc created by my lovely friend azure

but yeah it took me about 15 times to get this sort of right and i’m still kind of bluh about the whole thing ; w ; anyhoo. i hope you enjoy it