breezyxcursion asked:


You are:

[x] Cute
[] Adorable
[] Beautiful
[] Sexy

If you kissed me I would:

[] Kiss you back
[x] Be shocked
[x] Smile and laugh
[] Push you away
[] Slap you

If you asked me out I would say:

[] No
[sure] Yes

Can we cuddle?

[] No :p
[why not] Yes please


[] No thank you
[x] maybe ;)
[] Now. Right now. My bed. Hurry.

Not exactly where I wanna be in life...

Although i’m not one to complain, Now I’ve had my fair share of success and also a handful of failures. But I feel I’ve become complacent and satisfied with what I have. I used to think of it as being modest or humble but lately I seem to be happy settling for less.  I’m 22 living on my own, my own car, a semester away from a degree, and in the military. But I’m not happy..I want so much more but I no longer have the drive to do it, shit maybe I’m scared of what comes next…From now until I figure out where i want/NEED to be in life, I’ll be in a self imposed exile..(no social networks, phone, parties, or anything extracurricular). This might just be my last post.

Why Do I Work So Hard

Why should I continue to work at a 4 year relationship, where you still have to question my loyalty. A relationship where you have 100% of my trust and dedication and I not get the same in return. Who else would remain loyal while you went through training for 6 months. Who else treats your younger brothers as his own and hangs out with them when they don’t have you. The same man whose seen you at your highest and lowest points in life.I’d somewhat understand if I had a history of wrong doing but I don’t. And you tell me you have the slightest doubt about me…4 years and you still have to question whether my allegiance to you is real, then why have I worked so hard to keep you?