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Youtube and Equestrians.

Be honest, at one point or another, most of us have found a video of a different style of riding and thought, “MAN I wish I could do that someday!”  Here’s the kicker… you can. 

In my opinion, YouTube and various other video sites are severely under-utilized by the equestrian community.  You want to try a new discipline? Go look it up on YouTube and start practicing. I gave a showmanship lesson to one of my 4H kids because our show is next week.  This girl does rodeo queen and regular pageants, and runs speed events.  She has the presence and just BAM personality to be great at showmanship.  The last thing I told her to do was to look up showmanship videos on YouTube and watch them.  I don’t know if she did or not, but I hope so.  

Anyway, I ALWAYS watch videos of the winning goes from the World shows to see what I can do to reach that level.  I especially watch the Trail, Eq, and Showmanship runs because those are my strongest points.  I love watching hunter derbies and Maclay videos. Even dressage videos help me out some.  So I urge everyone, go watch videos.  It helps so so so much. 

So yeah just leave.

So there’s this girl that I’ve ridden with for forever. When I started showing actual pleasure horses and started winning the HUS at our open shows they (she and her parents) got pissed. Since all shows around here are judged on AQHA standards, of course the judges liked my horse better. Nothing personal and nothing I could help.

So she rides barrel horses. They’re all ranch-type looking horses. She shows one of them in the hunters, long mane, no tail, doesn’t even clip him. The one she shows in the under saddle isn’t a bad horse, but still lacks the form a true HUS horse has. It’s not that it couldn’t learn, she just doesn’t know how to teach it, or doesn’t want to teach it.

So we had a 4H meeting the other night. Her mother had the gall to ask our agent “Will the crippled, limping horses be showing in the hunter under saddle?” With me sitting right across from her. I looked straight at her and said “It’s a 4H show, anyone can show whatever horse they want to whether it be a pleasure horse or a mule.” She then proceeded to tell us how well they did at schooling shows in the hunter world and how they hated showing around here because all the horses were “lame ass pleasure horses.”

I’m showing in the hunters this year at 4H just to see how we do against them. You can guarantee that my horse will be clipped, braided, shod, and actually do his auto-changes.

Im not a mean person and I have done my best to help this girl out when she shows.. but don’t blatantly bash my horses just because you’re jealous of them. Honestly. Your ignorance hurts my head.