Posing: Rear Double Bicep

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Christine Rhodes, Alina Popa, Fabiola Boulanger, Sophie Duquette, Colette Guimond, Donna Bramble, and Kim Perez. Very very yummy! Don’t mind me, I’ll just excuse myself and drool quietly in the corner. Wink. F*ck small!! Go BIG or go home!!!


True paradise on Earth: Life in Borneo through photographs

Borneo is the third largest island in the world. It is located in the center of the Malay Archipelago. The people who live there earn for a living from fishing. Their habitats are located near water.
French photographer Réhahn spent a few days with them and did a full documentation of the lives of these people.
Their daily activities are associated with fishing. No one from the tribe knows neither to read nor to write. Regardless of the age, everyone has a role and helps with fishing. Women from the Baja tribe give birth at home. Younger children are always on boats, learning to swim and dive, while eight-year children spend their time fishing.


The Old Blue City In Morocco

The tiny town in northern Morocco, Chefchaouen, boasts with its rich history, architecture and natural horizons that are breathtaking. But the most typical and most remarkable feature of this city is its vivid blue walls.

The uniqueness of the city dates from 1930, when the blue color was offered by the Jews, who thought that symbolizes the sky. According to other claims, the city was painted in blue as a protection against mosquitoes, which cannot stand clean water.

However it doesn’t matter what is the cause of the coloring. What matters is that this small town is causing tourists to explore its mazes, to enjoy the blue sky and of course to take some creative photos.

The fact that Mickey is smiling into the kiss just makes everything in my life seem brighter for like 3 seconds then reality comes crashing down but yea