• Person trying to breastfeed:Just trying to feed my baby
  • Giant assholes:Put those things away or so help me. I can't walk around with my dick hanging out so...
  • Person trying to breastfeed:Literally not the same thing??
  • Giant asshole:SEXISM!!!! What about equality :/

My pump came the other day so I set it all up and tried it out this morning. This was my first time using an electric pump and a double pump. I managed to get 5 1/2 oz in roughly 6 minutes.

Now I already have to wash the stinking pump again!! Now I remember why I love exclusively breastfeeding.. I still want to build a stash so I’ll be doing lots of washing I guess. I want to get to 100oz in a month. I think that’s a reasonable goal.

The only downside is we don’t have a deep freezer so the milk will only be good for 6 months.


[image text] Katia has been criticized for breastfeeding in public.
Katia, you don’t have to remain home during the whole breastfeeding period of your kid, and there’s nothing obscene about doing that in public. The female body shouldn’t be constantly sexualized.

[texto da imagem] Kátia já foi chamada atenção por amamentar seu bebê em público.
Kátia, você não precisa se enclausurar em casa durante o período de amamentação do seu bebê, e não há nada de obsceno em fazer isso em público. O corpo feminino não deveria ser constantemente sexualizado.

  • Men:If women are allowed to pull their boobs out in public, then why can't I pull my penis out?
  • Me:Because penises weren't made to feed children.
  • Men:Well, boobs are sex organs.
  • Me:No they're not. Boobs were made to feed children, not for your sexual pleasure.

Breastmilk is the perfect food for your baby’s belly, therefore requiring very little effort to digest. Babies have little to no extra body fat when they are born and require lots of calories to maintain a proper body temperature, therefore they digest their food very quickly. A baby’s desire to nurse often is not a sign they are not getting enough, or that they are just using you to pacify. It is a very normal part of infant development and an awesome bit of survival instinct.

Furthermore, infants actually DO need to suck for comfort. It’s part of healthy brain development. While pacifiers are great, nothing beats a breast, not only for the little pick me up of milk they get, but for the bonding, and the feel good hormones both mom and baby get from nursing. Frequent nursing, even comfort nursing, also helps to ensure you have a good, solid supply of milk because breastfeeding is 100% supply and demand. If there’s not demand, aka nursing, then there is no supply, aka breastmilk. Every session of nursing you replace with a bottle or a pacifier tells your body those few ounces of milk that were created and reabsorbed into your body weren’t needed, and therefore won’t be made anymore unless you reintroduce those nursing sessions later on.

So nurse your baby when they want to nurse, and trust that you are doing EXACTLY as nature intended. Nothing more, nothing less. You’re good, momma.

anewyorktimesbestsellingauthor asked:

I really wish someone had warned me that breastfeeding may not come naturally and it could be very difficult. And very painful. And very frustrating. Once you get into the swing of it, it can be very beautiful, but you're not a failure if it sucks for the first... bajillion times.

consider this message disseminated. 

Medblrs, as you move onto OB: please do the breastfeeding modules from stanford, and let your words be gentle and kind. It often takes a mama about 3 months for her supply to regulate (which will feel diminished to her) and some babies are lip/tongue tied and some nipples are inverted and some women have insufficient glandular tissue and some mamas have horrible hormonally related depression that happens with the let down reflex, and…it goes on for a while. 

The TL;DR is breastfeeding can be hard. There are a lot of factors to why it can be hard. The way that you talk about it can have an impact. 

I know that people mean well when they go around saying “it’s impossible not to be able to breastfeed” or “everybody can breastfeed”
I know that their aim is to push people to try their hardest and that’s exactly what it does.
That’s what it did to me.
I spent my breastfeeding journey with Felix telling myself that “this time I won’t fail because everybody can breastfeed and it’s impossible to fail”
So I did absolutely everything I could and I still failed.. And then since I had it in my head that it was impossible to fail, but I still managed to, well.. that really broke me. I was devastated and I thought I was the most useless person to ever roam the earth and I hated myself.
I had failed at something that everybody can supposedly do.

Well not everybody can breastfeed, so maybe instead of spreading false information and calling people uneducated, some of you should read up on “insufficient glandular tissue (IGT)” and also “Raynaud’s Phenomenon”, these were my final diagnoses’, and I’m surprised so many people haven’t heard of these conditions at all.
Some of you who think formula feeders are uneducated, are the most uneducated of all.

I also think that maybe, instead of just thinking you’re an amazing person and mother for breastfeeding (which is true, breastfeeding is an amazing gift and it can be such hard work), you should also realise how incredibly lucky you are.
Even if you had a rough start, and got mastitis nine times and your baby or toddler feeds every five minutes- realise that you’re lucky.
Just like not all women can conceive naturally, not all women can feed their baby naturally.
The human body isn’t always created perfect.

The old white men in congress who are trying to take away the woman’s right to breastfeed their child in public are obviously just super jealous that their nipples are of no use to the world.

nức nở nghẹn ngào :))

Con ơi bố cũng lạy mày
Mày dùng như thế bố đây hết nhờ
Bao năm bố chỉ dám sờ
Dám xoa, dám nắn mà giờ mày chơi
Kiểu gì vừa cắn vừa lôi
Thế này hỏng hết đồ chơi con à
Bố xin mày đấy, nhả ra
Để cho nguyên vẹn cả nhà dùng chung

Taegan finally latched 😍😍😍😍

We complimented and let her finish all the formula then removed the tube from her mouth and kept her on the breast and she stayed there and sucked for quite away before falling asleep.

We are finally getting somewhere! One proud momma right now!