So I saw Bears yesterday...

And it kinda blew me away in ways I didn’t expect. It was a nice nature documentary narrated by John C. Reiley, it was a nice family film. Yes it was heavily edited to not show the vicious side of nature. Yes, it was a forced narrative and just a few steps below Milo and Otis. And yes, I should feel sort of silly for seeing a documentary about bears at 3pm on a Tuesday. But it was much more than that to me, 

The movie in a strange way made me appreciate my parents more so than I already did. Parents (good ones at least) always put themselves behind their childrens needs. Parents go through some crazy shit and get scared to death for us. Multiple times a day in some cases. I love my parents more than anything and this movie just made it clear to me why. 

It also made me realize just how beautiful nature is and how much I love it. Alaska is absolutely gorgeous when you’re not looking at the oil refinery part. I actually found myself today thinking that maybe I should be pursuing some sort of national park type job.

I sort of forgot where I was going with this but how awesome would it be if John C. Reiley did a commentary track as Dr. Steve Brule? 


This is me and my brear Kenzi! Watch, it would be very much appreciated :)


Video 6. This is a little long, but it’s our story of coming out. I hope you all watch it, because  it’s very important to us.