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All of the D-Day reports clips (10 minutes of audio) featuring Benedict that have been released so far. [source]

"The BBC's 70th anniversary coverage of the second world war Normandy invasion will include Radio 4 broadcasts of the corporation’s original 1944 news reports, read by Benedict Cumberbatch.

The D-day news reports will be broadcast at the same time of day as their original transmission time 70 years ago, beginning with Cumberbatch’s reading of the 8am bulletin during Radio 4’s Today programme on Friday and continuing until 9pm on Sunday.

Others will be broadcast during Radio 4 programmes including The World At One, PM, The World Tonight, Broadcasting House and The World This Weekend.

The new recordings will also be available online on the Radio 4 website, along with more than 200 pages of archive radio bulletin scripts from BBC Home Service D-day broadcasts being published for the first time. Many of the scripts are annotated with subbing marks by the writers and newsreaders of the day.”

'Breaking Bad,' 1 year later: Emmy-winning team tells 'Ozymandias' secrets

More than a few moments in “Ozymandias” turned out to be memorable seat-grippers. “My name is ASAC Schrader, and you can go f–k yourself!” Or the angry, agonizing, loaded phone call that Walt made to Skyler (Anna Gunn). Or Walt giving up cowering-under-a-Cadillac Jesse (Aaron Paul) to the neo-Nazis. But EW awarded the No. 1 slot in our 50 Best Scenes of the TV Season feature to the one in which a panicked Walt arrives at the house and tries to get Skyler and Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte) to pack and run with him, but instead winds up in a brutal confrontation with his wife, and watching his admiring son finally see the light (or rather, darkness) and turn against him, prompting him to grab Baby Holly and flee. On the one-year anniversary of the episode’s airing, we asked Moira Walley-Beckett (who won an Emmy a few weeks ago for writing “Ozymandias”), and the director, Rian Johnson (who has since been named as the writer-director of a tiny, low-budget indie drama titled Star Wars: Episode VIII), to share their memories of pulling off the crushing, tension-soaked scene that fractured this family for good.

WALLEY-BECKETT: It was an extremely complicated scene to write. There were many discovery moments. It was somewhat operatic: many little crescendos and decrescendos. Each character, Walt, Skyler, and Walter Jr., has a different objective in the scene because they each have a different piece of the puzzle. Confusion abounds. Conflict arises. And over the course of the scene the penny drops for each of them in an absolutely devastating way. The scales drop from Walter Jr.’s eyes and he finally sees his father for who he really is. Skyler comes into understanding that Walt killed Hank and consequently she tries—literally—to cut the cancer that is Walt out of their lives. And Walt, in the aftermath of the knife fight with Skyler, observing his wife and son huddled, united against him, helplessly utters his useless mantra, “We’re a family….” as he watches them slip away from him forever.

JOHNSON: The toughest moment as I remember it was before the fight, when Walt admits that Hank is dead and Skyler believes this means that he killed him. The whole scene turns on that line “I tried to save him!” and we did it over and over again trying to find the right way for it to come out. It was Bryan who felt that instead of an accidental blurted admission it should come out as a burst of uncontrollable primal anger. He was right. Not only did that reading feel honest in the moment, but it reminded you on a gut level what Skyler is protecting her family against when she picks up that knife.

WALLEY-BECKETT: We rehearsed the scene, and Anna and I discussed the dialogue after she picks up the knife and says, “Get out… Enough.” Because of our conversation, I added a line for her, ”Don’t say one more word.” We both felt strongly that this had to be said. It was extremely important for Skyler to address the web of lies Walt had continually spun around their family, and this factored powerfully into her emotional state in that moment after all the talking and convincing he’d been doing. It played great because Walt really doesn’t believe she’ll hurt him. And he makes the mistake of saying just one more word…

JOHNSON: The knife fight itself was actually the easiest part of the scene to shoot. And just in terms of the work on set, it was a fun break from the emotionally grueling scenes of catharsis that fill the rest of Moira’s brilliant script.

WALLEY-BECKETT: Bryan and Anna were total troupers during the fight. We rehearsed the choreography of the struggle and when we shot it they nailed it take after take after take. It was an exhausting scene for them physically and emotionally. It was a heckuva day.

Source: ew.com

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Here is my guest appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson from last night. I had such an amazing time. Every word of this interview was improvised and nothing was talked about beforehand. He really does rip up the card. Craig is insanely talented and we break new ground with our frisbee throwing awkward pause at the end. Start the video at 28:45.


You wanna know the mistake you’re making here, buddy? You think you’re gonna find the truth. You think you’ll uncover something, and everything will just…fall into place. Some grand revelation, that’ll make sense of all these unspeakable horrors. That’ll explain what could drive men to such creative extremes of inhumanity. I hate to be the one to break the bad news, but even when you think you understand what’s happening here, you’re only gonna be halfway down the rabbit hole. It’s always been the case that whoever’s holding the money gets to say what the truth is. But then, then what happens, when all the money is gone? When everything is based on death? On credit? Come on, buddy, you can guess this one. It’s faith. Money is a matter of faith. All we’re trying to do is sell you the dream, but you can’t make a deal if you’ve got nothing to bargain with. You gotta be inside the dream to buy it. You gotta have faith. And that’s what I’m here for. To make you believe.

5 Ways ‘Breaking Bad’ Made a Big Impression at Its Final Emmys

  1. The show’s awards haul
    Breaking Bad went out with a bang, winning five trophies at the ceremony. Among its awards: best drama series; acting honors for Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn; and best drama writing for Moira Walley-Beckett (the show also won an editing award for Skip MacDonald at last week’s Creative Awards Emmys).
  2. Cranston’s acceptance speech
    After winning best actor in a drama — his fourth statuette for his role as Walter White — the actor joked about fellow nominee Matthew McConaughey's favored status: “Even I thought about voting for Matthew.” He then went on to talk about how after being a kid who “always looked for the shortcut,” he is grateful that he “stumble[d] upon finding a passion that created a seed and bloomed into something so wonderful for me.” He also singled out co-stars Paul and Gunn, saying of the former, “I love you so much. You were with me all the way and I so appreciate that and helping each other.” As for his TV wife, played by Gunn, Cranston said, “I love you and especially those scenes in bed.”
  3. Paul’s tribute to Cranston
    While accepting his best supporting actor trophy, Paul said of his co-star: “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss running to work to be able to work opposite you, my friend.”
  4. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ make-out session with Cranston
    The Breaking Bad star got rather friendly with his one-time love interest on Seinfeld. Earlier in the show, the two presenters had joked onstage about his guest-starring role on her ’90s series, with her claiming she didn’t remember his role as a dentist and that the two had kissed on the show. When the Veep star’s name was later called as winner of best comedy actress, she found Cranston in the audience and made out with him.
  5. Cranston’s mustache
    Who can rock a Vincent Price mustache and make it look cool in 2014? Bryan Cranston, that’s who. The actor debuted his new look at Monday night’s show. Wonder what Louis-Dreyfus thought of it?

Source: hollywoodreporter.com