Holy shit. I live for moments like these. Yesterday, Mackenzy and I went for a walk in Niagara on the Lake. We had an amazing day. We went down by the water, made an Inukshuk out of little rocks and it turned out amazing. I love you so much Mackenzy. Forever and Always. You’re my everything, Thank you for another incredible day. One day we will own a house on Gage Street <3

You’re my girl. FOREVER<3

Maus-i: my back pain is pretty bad but I’ll try anything. Especially since some yoga balls only run about $15-20 and I can always use one later. Thanks because I wouldn’t have thought of that. When I try it out I’m gonna bother you and tell you if it worked for me! :P
Threeflowersblooming: I’m going to visit where I ACTUALLY live (I’m staying w my parents out of town atm) and if I see my boyfriend (we are kind of split up) I’m going to make him do this. Trust me. All I ever think about is how I need him here so he can give me massages lol.
Breakmeifyoucan: My mom has been getting on my nerves about the heating pad because for some reason she thinks I shouldn’t use one but I’m about to go buy one anyways. I can take hot baths so I see nothing wrong with a heating pad. Especially on my UPPER back.

Thanks, y’all! I appreciate it so much.

breakmeifyoucan-deactivated2013 asked:

You're actually such a fucking idiot . I can't even handle how stupid you are. Jesus , just delete your blog please and save the rest of us . OH AND THAT PICTURE ON YOUR SIDE BAR ISN'T YOURS SO I BETTER REPORT YOU TOO . fucking cunt xo


1) if I delete my blog where are you going to steal all your pictures from?

2) Tumblr obviously agree with me since THEY DELETED YOUR FUCKING POST

3) …. the picture on my side bar is mine are you fucking stupid or?

Mackenzy Marr <3


I love you so much. I hope you see this. I am so fucking lonely, and I miss you. I miss being in your arms. You are my everything. Forever and Always. Barely talking to you today is killing me. I miss you to death. You mean so much to me. I would do anything and everything for you, just to see that magical smile that picks me off the ground and saves me. I want you here, asleep on my chest so I can tell you things and only hope you dream about them. I love you more than life itself. I hope you understand that. These bracelets are the only thing that are keeping me with my sanity. I miss you so much. I love you baby,

Forever and Always <3